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What are dilators used for?

Vaginal dilators are pelvic wands used to strengthen vaginal muscles slowly and naturally. Sometimes referred to as vaginal trainers, they are commonly prescribed to improve the elasticity of the vagina for a variety of reasons. Is sexual pain normal? No. And you should know what devices to use to treat it. 

Women use them to improve sexual pain or make it possible to have pelvic exams. In some cases, women suffer from vulvodynia, unexplained chronic pelvic pain, and dilators help ease the discomfort. Regardless of the reason, dilators improve mental, physical, and sexual health.


What is a dilator medical?

Dilators resemble a sex toy but have nothing to do with using them for sexual pleasure but instead as a medical device. The main point is to help strengthen and lengthen pelvic floor muscles.


The pelvic floor is a sling that cups and supports the bowel, bladder, and uterus in women and bladder and bowel for men. The hammock-like sling also plays a vital role in maintaining bowel and bladder control and sexual function and sensation.


The best way to think of a dilator is as a vaginal expander that helps improve vaginal issues. The dilator medical comes with no side effects other than mild discomfort as you begin treatment and, over time, eases chronic vaginal pain.


How long should you keep a dilator in?

After inserting the vaginal dilator, the amount of time inside the vagina depends on your comfort level. Generally, the recommended amount of time is 20-30 minutes each session. The longer you insert the dilator, the more effective the treatment is over time.


At first, you may have to hold the vagina dilatorl in place with your hand because your vaginal muscles may resist insertion. It's best to begin with the smallest dilator to avoid vaginal penetration pain that becomes overwhelming.


If you think about pain on a scale of 1-10, with one being the lowest and ten the highest, your pain shouldn't be higher than three or four when dilating. As you progress with your vaginal therapy, you'll slowly increase the dilator size.


If you have vaginal dilator issues when inserting, you may need a vaginal moisturizer to help with insertion. From the start, you may only be able to stretch the vagina for a few minutes each session. It's essential that you don't become discouraged and give yourself time to heal and allow the treatment to work.


How often should you use dilators?


Pelvic floor rehabilitation takes time to be effective. You will need more than a few sessions to feel sexual health relief. It's recommended that pelvic floor physical therapy occur 1-2 times a day.


As your muscle tension decreases and you have less pelvic pain, you can decrease how often you should use dilators. Scar tissue from radiation therapy may take longer to heal, so daily treatment is necessary.


Or you may feel less pain during sexual intercourse, so you undergo pelvic floor therapy four times a week, instead of twice a day. Your progress is personal and depends on your individual needs and situation. But, generally, you'll need to use dilators once or twice a day to stop experiencing painful penetration.


What are dilators used for?


Vaginal dilator therapy is safe and effective for many different female sexual medicine health concerns, including:


  • Vaginal stenosis
  • Vulvodynia
  • Vulvar vestibulitis
  • Vaginal atrophy
  • Menopause
  • Pudendal Neuralgia
  • Pelvic radiation therapy
  • Vaginismus
  • Dyspareunia
  • Vaginal agenesis
  • Reassignment surgery


If you suspect you're suffering from any above conditions, check with your healthcare professional before starting treatment.



Vaginal atrophy


Vaginal atrophy is extreme dryness in the vaginal tissues and cavities. The condition may also alter the shape of the vagina and cause vaginal tissue thinning. These can cause pain during sexual activity, make tampon insertion unbearable, and pelvic exams painful.


Vaginal atrophy occurs for different reasons; the most common is during menopause. Menopause is a natural condition that usually affects women in their early 50s.


The reason for menopause is when the sex hormone estrogen plummets, resulting in painful symptoms and one of them being vaginal atrophy. Dilator physical therapy helps bring moisture by rejuvenating dry tissue and widening and expanding the pelvic muscles.


Radiation Therapy


Pelvic radiation therapy is a standard cancer treatment for women and men. The Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center describes pelvic radiation uses intense energy beams to target and break up cancer cells.


The precision of the radiation therapy as a cancer treatment is effective, yet it may result in vaginal atrophy. 


Improves Sex Life


Having a healthy sex life is vital for most adults. It brings about feelings of vitality and youthfulness at any age. Painful sex, on the other hand, brings about feelings of sadness and shame. The end result is avoiding sex altogether, resulting in loneliness, sexual frustration, and harmed relationships.


Vaginal dilators help improve sex lives by making it possible to experience less pain during sexual intercourse. The pelvic wand therapy gives you confidence and flushes healthy energy and blood throughout your pelvic area.


Type of Vaginal Dilators


The good news is that there are various types of dilators to choose from. However, not every dilator may be equally effective. Research scientists showed that in a randomized, double-blind study, the  VuVa™ magnetic vaginal dilators decreased pain levels by 28% higher during the cotton swab test than standard dilators.

Dilator choices include the following:


  • VuVa Smooth Vaginal Dilators: The medical grade plastic vaginal dilators are smooth and come in smaller to larger sized choices.

  • VuVa™ Silicone Vaginal Dilators: This dilator set is the opposite of rigid plastic vaginal dilators. The high-quality silicone comes in fun colors, incredibly soft and porous, making insertion silky and comfortable.

  • Deluxe Neodymium Magnetic Vaginal Dilators: As the top of the line in vaginal dilators, you’ll be amazed at the quality and effectiveness of these dilators. Each dilator set has over 60 neodymium magnets that gently draw out the negative ions in the vagina to flush freshly oxygenated blood throughout the pelvic area.


Dilator therapy helps improve pelvic health and female sexuality. They are used to help a wide variety of female health concerns. Speak to your doctor today about how dilator therapy can help you.

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