How do I know what size Vaginal Dilator I need?

How to pick your Vaginal Dilator sizes:


When shopping for dilators, it might be hard to know what size vaginal dilators you need. If you ask your physician or pelvic floor physical therapist, they should be able to tell you what size you need to start your pelvic floor therapy with. Some people do not need the entire set and some people do.

When it comes to our size vaginal dilators, there are five to choose from. The smallest dilator, the Size 1, is comparable to a smaller size tampon and the Size 2 is comparable to a larger tampon. If you can get a larger tampon in with ease, you might want to start with a Size 3 and Size 4 Combo Set. As dilator therapy can be uncomfortable, you do not want to be in extreme pain when you are dilating. If you are, then you need to move down one dilator size. On a pain scale of 1-10, you do not want to go over a 3-4 pain level when dilating. Now, when you first put the dilator in, it can be very painful, but that pain should subside after a few minutes. You don't want to be in extreme pain the entire time during your dilator therapy.

Here are the five sizes of VuVa Dilators:


How do I know what size vaginal dilators I need?

In order for you to tell the true size, you might want to use a ruler and draw the sizes you think you need on a piece of paper. This can help you visualize the correct sizes of the dilators.

If you are sexually active, you will want to eventually use the size dilator that is comparable to your partners size. If you use the dilator that is around your partners size 20 minutes before intercourse, it will relax your muscles and help create natural lubrication before you replace the dilator with your partner. It will also help with the fear of penetration that most women have due to the pain of insertion because of their pelvic pain condition. 

For a full list of instructions on how to use dilators, visit our Directions page.


30 Day VuVatech Return Policy:

VuVatech offers returns within 30 days of purchase if product safety bag has not been opened. 

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