VuVa Magnetic Vaginal Dilators are used to regenerate vaginal capacity, expand the vaginal walls, add elasticity to the tissues, and to allow for comfortable sexual intercourse.

Neodymium Magnets safely increase circulation, promoting muscle relaxation while calming nerves. No side effects.

No Prescription Needed - FDA Registered - Made with FDA Approved Materials in USA

How Magnetic Dilators Work

How do I use Dilators?



  • "I finally made progress with my vaginismus! I had tried for years with no luck to insert even a tampon. With the size 1 and 2 dilators, the former being about the width of a pencil, I was able to build up to inserting a tampon for the first time within a matter of weeks. I’m so grateful!"
    - A.H June 2024
  • "Intimacy at it's Best The product is amazing and every woman that has discomfort must try the new technology of giving back the wonderful feeling of intimacy without pain. It has been 12 years and my OBgyn female Dr. Stated that I was Courageous enough to explore my body with VuVa Dilators and good results that made me feel normal, and pain free."
    - S.S Sept 2023
  • "Excellent product; excellent service This product has helped me rejuvenate my youthful approach to life. The owner is exceptionally responsive. I heartily recommend this product. There are excellent instructions and additional information to help you along your journey."
    - A.W June 2024
  • "This product has changed my life! Since I started using the Viva Tech dilators, I can now enjoy an active sex life with my husband, once again. Do not hesitate to buy this product!"
    - J Aug 2023
  • "80%+ Relief in pain!! These dialators helped relieve my pelvic/ lavetor ani pain over 80%. My quality of life has improved drastically. Just wish I would have gotten them much sooner. Best purchase I made for my chronic pelvic pain."
    - S.D April 2024
  • Works "Love these. They come with instructions and relaxation techniques/exercises. They definitely work and have helped me to progress. I now could do with buying the next couple of sizes up."
    - J.P March 2024

VuVa Vaginal Dilators vs. Placebo Dilators: A Double Blind Placebo Study