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Physical intimacy should not have to be painful. Find a comfortable solution today with VuvaTech. Shop all VuVatech Vaginal Dilators, Slippery Stuff Lubricants, Ohnut sets, Therawands, Pocket Wands, and more.

Healthy intercourse is a way to relieve stress in the mind and be close to you partner, but what if it is painful? One thing we know for sure is women who experience symptoms of pain during sex (Dyspareunia) can be affected in both mental and emotional areas which can cause depression and other problems. VuVatech has created a safe, natural product line that can help.

The VuVaTech vaginal dilator sets and kits are recommended by many health care professionals and can help with pelvic pain, pelvic floor dysfunction,vaginal tightness, soreness, and more. The cause of painful sex can be anything from a tight pelvic floor muscles (such as vaginismus) to vaginal atrophy after menopause. We recommend any woman that is experiencing pelvic pain or painful intercourse consult with a doctor or health care professional.

Dilation therapy can safely improve women's health and pleasure. If you are a woman experiencing a painful sex life, clinicians commonly recommend treatment with vaginal dilator therapy. Pelvic floor therapy is proven to help as your sex life shouldn't be painful. We can help you find the dilator size or dilator set you need and understand the use. Physical intimacy does not have to be painful.


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