Testimonials - VuVa Dilator Reviews

Testimonials - VuVa Dilator Reviews


Clinical Review from Ashley Greer, PT, DPT 

Vuvatech has products that are specialized to our unique patient population with incontinence and pelvic floor disorders. They have a quick response and turn around time. Tara, the owner, is wonderful to work with as well. We can always rely on them to get us the specialty supplies we need for our outpatient physical therapy clinic. We’ve had particular success with the magnetic dilators for pelvic floor strength training. Our therapists are incredibly pleased with the products and our patients are very happy with their results. - Blue Sky Physical Therapy Bonita Springs


L.G ON OCT 6, 2021

 My story begins back in 2011 when I was way into menopause, slowly sex with my husband became unbearable painful. I asked my GP, she diagnosed me with vaginal atrophy. My Dr. suggested Replens which didn’t help. I then began my search on Vaginal Atrophy information and found online a suppository containing 2 mg of estriol. These suppositories were helpful but still, I had pain. When the online supply wasn't available anymore (off the market), my Dr agreed to a compound pharmacy for the 2 mg. I did this for 4 years, but still had pain. My Dr then said I had Lichen Sclerosus and prescribed Premarin (estriol), which unfortunately I was allergic to and had to go with a steroid. I didn't want to be using a steroid for any length of time, so I looked for other answers. I found another product NeuEve suppository which is expensive but worked to the point sex was at times ok, but still uncomfortable. For the next 6 years, I used that product with other homeopathic alternatives. I knew something was seriously wrong with me, so in April 2021 I looked for a specialist OB/GYN/Urologist. The urologist took one look at my condition and said you have 2 things going on. 1 vaginal atrophy and 2 pelvic floor dysfunction (tight vaginal muscles). I didn’t have Lichen Sclerosus after all. She prescribes 1 mg of estriol for one month and physical therapy. I had one month of PT which was excellent at helping to relax the muscles and general feedback. The PT therapist prescribed yoga exercises to relax the pelvic area along with PT massage. Once PT had ended the therapist suggest a pelvic wand and showed me how to use it. I continued with the wand, yoga, and estriol, things were rolling along but still had some penetration issues. I then found VuVatech and the Neodymium dilators. The science sounded plausible so I ordered 4 & 5 since I could still have sex but it was the initial penetration I had pain. The dilators are nicely shaped, I started with size 4 and working on 5 at times. I can feel how the dilators are working to relieve the knots in my vagina and opening. Two months later I'm completely back to feeling normal again. NO more pain. I no longer have any anxiety and now use the dilator daily for 1 - 2 hours. I also use a daily vaginal moisturizer, along with daily yoga, and use a vulva balm (intimate rose) throughout the day. I also use a natural water-based lubricant during coitus. I highly recommend Vulva Tech Neodymium dilators. This product has ended my long and suffering journey of horrible pain and agony to wonderful lovemaking again. Vuvatech is MAGIC. Thank you VuVatech you rock!


H ON JUNE 18, 2021

This is the review I needed when I first found out I might have vaginismus (it took 3 books and 5 doctors/therapists to finally figure out what it was). I found out I couldn't have penetrative sex due to extreme pain, tensing, and muscle spasming towards the end of 2019. I was only 21 years old. I started seeing a sex therapist in February of 2020 and transitioned to a physical therapist for pelvic floor therapy in January 2021. It has been over a year of pain, and fear, and setback after setback, but the end is finally in sight for me. I made very slow progress for about a year as I dealt with the underlying emotional trauma affecting my vaginal pain, but I began to make much quicker progress over the past three months after I ended my relationship and took most of the pressure off of myself to have sex at all. I went from only being able to use size 2 of this set without crying to using size 5 for the first time today with manageable pain. Soon I'll have no pain. It doesn't matter what dilators you get. These ones worked for me, but use whichever you can. I just want to tell the young, scared woman that is reading this that things will get better for you, even if it takes a long time. Don't let doctors brush aside your pain, and don't let romantic partners pressure you to "get better" faster and push past the pain and fear to satisfy their orgasm. It gets better. And it gets better on YOUR time, when YOU are ready. Don't let anyone pressure you. <3


J ON MAY 12TH 2021

After a fabulous sex life for many years, my husband suffered with ED about the time I was menopausal. We stayed active, but gave up intercourse. With an empty nest, & husband on meds, I discovered “use it, or lose it” to be true. My post menopausal vaginal had a very different attitude. When my gyno originally suggested dilators, I lol at the thought of using them 1-2 times a day while working, wifing, momming etc.   Then the pandemic hit & I, like many others, re-evaluated my priorities. 
I bought 4 & 5. Four went easy but I was tender & stuck with it for about 5 days before moving on. 5 was a challenge, but breathing & patience was all it took. Reminding myself to minimize the stretch by breathing & relaxing to music helped. After another week-10 days I could insert the 5 painlessly!!!! I use it now once a week to maintain my confidence in pain free sex. 
Such an amazing product for women suffering painful intercourse. The body is also amazing, & with Vuva, I feel like myself again. 


I bought a set of these two last year when I was struggling with vaginal and vulva pain. At the time, I had spent a year going from doctor to doctor unsuccessfully - no one I went to see knew what was wrong with me. A year after my first appointment I was diagnosed with Vestibulodyna (Vestibuitis). None of the numbing or steroid treatments worked for me so started to do my own research and came across Vuvatech. It’s safe to say this product saved me. After using sizes 3-4 for 3 months (With hindsight I recommend perhaps getting a smaller one and then the largest a 5 as you will get to the biggest with time!) I have now had virtually no pain for 7 months. I owe so much to these products. That’s not to say everything works for everyone, but I know what’s it’s like to feel chronic pain down there everyday - feeling as though you’ll try anything. They are expensive and I couldn’t afford the larger set (I also didn’t feel I needed the very small ones as I don’t have Vaginismus) but I’m just so glad I splashed out and went for it here. Totally worth it x


J ON MARCH 14TH 2021

About 6 months ago, I came across this website as I was searching for a way to help with painful sex. I had told doctors about the problem and they just said there was nothing wrong with me but I could try physical therapy. I didn't like the idea of working on this very intimate problem with a stranger, so I looked on my own. When I found this site, I felt seen and heard for the first time. It's amazing to see that there are so many other women who have faced these same challenges. If you're reading this and you feel the same way, the one thing I want to pass along is to be patient. I wasn't using tampons, I had a mental block about putting anything inside myself, and was unsure how to go about it. Some days were easier than others. Listen to your body, don't force it. Start with the smallest every time you use them. If you get stuck, stop, take deep breaths. And try again (either after a few minutes, later that day or another day). I was terrified of size 5, but I got there. From 1 to 5. And I noticed after my first few times of trying with the smaller sizes, is that each time I used the dilators, my body remembered. It might have taken time to get up to size 3 but then the next time, 3 was easier. And the time after that, I was able to get up to 4. I stayed on 4 for several tries before I tried 5. And 5 didn't work the first few times I tried it. But I got there, and it was worth the wait. For the first time in my life, I had sex with zero pain! These dilators are amazing!



After looking at various online products, concluded that VuVatech would be my choice. Incredible results and have been sharing results and discussing all the products with friends. Products are comfortable and a smart solution to a serious problem. A great company for women to support a small business managed my a woman who had the problem and decided to design a well thought out solution. Can you please not put my email on the review thanks.


L ON FEB 23, 2021

I found this product after doing a little research. Honestly, reading the reviews made me tear up. I have never known anyone else that has struggled with pain and tensing up even when inserting a tampon. Going to the gynecologist was a terrible experience, to the point that I stopped going. Once I received the dilators, I started with size 3 and was able to insert it with very little discomfort. After a couple of days, I moved up to size 4. It took me a couple times before I was able to insert it all the way. Size 5 took me at least a week, I was starting to get discouraged. But, stayed consistent and was able to eventually insert it all the way and keep it in for 30 minutes. At some point between size 4 and 5, my partner and I tried to have intercourse. However, it was still painful and we were not successful. After using size 5 for about two weeks, I started to feel more confident. We tried again and were successful! No pain what so ever. I’ve even gone to the gynecologist since then. I was still a little jumpy, but it wasn’t terrible and it was a successful visit. I had given up OB my body and tried this as a last ditch effort. I am so appreciative.


S ON FEB 14, 2021


Dilator Therapy Has Helped Me So Much! I am in my early-20's and sex has always been painful and difficult for me. Even using tampons or having my annual exam can be very uncomfortable for me. Since trying dilator therapy I have managed to loosen myself enough that sex is possible and even enjoyable. Thank you so much! 


L.M ON NOV 24, 2020 


I purchased two Vuvatech dilators and quickly worked up to the largest size while also advancing from extreme pain with my partner to the first steps toward normalcy and enjoyment. The magnets make all the difference — you can feel them at work. Thank you, Tara Langdale-Schmidt, both for your groundbreaking invention and for the thought and care you put into addressing all my concerns. Your generosity is deeply appreciated, as is your excellent product.


K.M ON JULY 14, 2020


I purchased your product in June of 2017.  Yes, I am still using your product, as it has been a life changer for me.  Sexual relations are no longer painful, but enjoyable like it was met to be.  I don’t dread my annual physical as the Paps and pelvic exam are no longer painful.  For the record I am 72!  No, all of us “old codgers” are not dead yet.
I have also noticed that after using the dilators that I don’t “leak” urine when I sneeze, cough or laugh! My bladder now empties completely.  A coincidence, I don’t think so. I wholeheartedly recommend this product to anyone having issues.  

C.Q ON JUNE 5, 2020

I wanted to definitely give your potential customers a heads up about the wonderful product and service you offer. I am an older woman that has had issues with burning during intercourse for years. I have spoken to gyn's and General Practitioners, Nutritionists and lay people and no one had an answer. Except...I don't know what's going on...could be in your head, could be in your body, could be in your history. How to fix it...IDK...I was getting nowhere. I have been married now for 6 years and my husband and I have not had penetrating intercourse as of yet, we thought it was in my head for 3 years and that my past misadventures were the problem. We couldn't afford a sex therapist and didn't pursue the physical portion because we had been told "NOTHING IS WRONG WITH YOU...by every doctor imaginable. So...it was getting more and more stressful...I had searched the web and found nothing that would help on the safe side. I was introduced to Estring by a Gyn, got the RX, paid the unbelievably high co pay and decided to throw it out after I read the web reviews. I might  have sex once or twice but then get cancer. Not my kind of answer. 
One day I ran across the company NuEve and  it seemed to be the answer. It was organic and seemed to tell my story about the extreme pain and inability for my body to allow penetration. So....I got started. the cream was the first step and then the suppositories. I have been on that regime for around 4-6 months, not sure how long  but now am at the highest lever of treatment for the atrophy and dryness that one experiences at my age. Still I hadn't been able to allow penetration and now my husband had ED. Things are not going well. We are in therapy for our relationship and touched on the physical thing. My therapist mentioned dialators that one client had used who was anxious about the act, being a virgin when she got married. I had seen a flyer in my last batch of suppositories about dialators and so I decided to look into that. Why not?
I spoke to Tara and she was very understanding and had been through the same situations of no one knowing what to do. I started the program and I guess in about a month I am able to have some type of sexual activity with my husband without the pain being so overwhelming that I often could not urinate fully for a few days afterwards. And mind you that is without penetration. Now I am able to do whatever with no pain afterwards. My husband is going to get the help he needs again for the ED and I am 99.9% sure we will be able to accomplish the deed. Hoorray! I talk to Tara every week or so and she is always helpful and responsive. If we do not get to full penetration,,,which I think we will...at least we can do something to satisfy us both physically without me paying for it the next week afterwards.
Please take this seriously and have a consultation with Tara. She is a wonderful person and has been in the place both you and I and Many Many women have been and some still remain. Don't let that some be YOU!

S.K MAY 26, 2020

As I entered into the post-menopausal stage of my life, my husband and I struggled because my vaginal muscle at the entry point lost its elasticity. It got to the point where I couldn't even fit him inside of me, not at all. There was too much pain. It felt like I was splitting. And I'd bleed from it. I was shocked. No one talked about this. No one had warned me that this could even happen. We tried using his fingers as a way to stretch the muscle at my vaginal opening, but it didn't work. I waited far too long to find these dilators. I've only been using them for one week and already they've made a difference. The gradated sizes have allowed me to, with relative ease, stretch that stuck muscle ever so gently. Once I relax with the dilator inside of me, I can actually feel it working to increase bloodflow to all the membranes of my vaginal canal. Ultimately, within ten minutes, that stretched muscle relaxes into a larger size without pain. It feels like a miracle and works just like they said it would. In just one week, I am now able to allow my husband to penetrate halfway which he hadn't been able to do in several years. I have total faith that very soon I'll be back to full capacity through this gentle approach which has made me feel like a woman again. What a terrific product. I had felt inadequate but that is now relaxing away as I revitalize my womanhood. Thank you again for such a miraculous product!


JESSICA, MAY 2, 2020 

I'm 28 years old and I first realized I had vaginismus only about a year ago. I've been to a few gynaecologists and no one ever seemed to help me because they truly didn't know how. I've been on pills and everything to help relax my muscles down there and nothing helped. I felt alone, screwed up, and hopeless. I kept trying everything to get over this vaginismus. I tried these dialators the first day I got them and even the little one hurt so bad I couldn't even get it in a little. I tried and tried and once again I failed... I eventually tried a month later and it did hurt but not as bad and I was able to get it all the way in! I thought wow maybe I can get over this! I started going to the next dialator quickly! Yes there were days I gave up and yes there were days it hurt going to the next size but I was determined to defeat this! Once I got the 4th dialator in (it only took a month to get to this point btw!) I wanted to try with my boyfriend again. These dialators don't even match his size, he's slighty larger but I felt confident to try. We took our time and we finally got it! We finally had sex! This is a huge stress release for me and accomplishment! Thank you Vuvatech for these amazing and life changing dialators! For years I suffered and thought I was messed up, these dialators knocked it down to just one month of achievement! My patient boyfriend helped too! If you're a woman with vaginismus, please don't ever give up and get these immediately!


ALYSSA, FEB 29,  2020

I found Vuvatech on a list of things to try for those suffering with Vulvodynia. I have had an extreme fear of penetration that has gotten worse since I had a hymenectomy. I have been struggling to insert a tampon, or even a q-tip without pain and the muscles tightening to where it cannot be inserted. After my hymenectomy things really got worse and I was convinced something was wrong physically, while my doctor kept telling me I looked fine down there. He sent me to a psychologist who did not help, then put me on antianxiety medication which also has not helped. I was starting to lose hope of ever having a normal sex life. My fiancé and I plan to get married in the summer of 2021, and I was desperate for a solution so that I can be able to have intercourse before then. So when I found Vuvatech, I bought the smallest dilator to try. I honestly was not expecting results the first time, as I have never been able to penetrate my vagina at all. But to my surprise, after about 20 minutes of having the tip inserted, I was able to insert the entire thing! And it actually wasn't that uncomfortable either! Needless to say I cried like a baby, I was so happy and it was such a liberating and emotional experience. I was able to keep it in for the recommended time and only had a little discomfort taking it back out. I just bought the entire set, as I feel this can really change my life. Thank you so much for this product!

JB ON NOV 18TH, 2019

I am a woman in my 50s and in menopause. My husband had been very sick for several years and sadly passed away. Needless to say, I had not had sex for quite sometime and I was concerned that given my age, menopause, lack of sexual activity and the fact that my doctor had warned me of atrophy during a pap smear, that any attempt at having sex would be uncomfortable, painful or impossible. Thanks to Vuva, when I was lucky enough to meet someone that I wanted to be intimate with, it was wonderful and I will continue to use Vuva to ensure that I can enjoy a happy and healthy sex life.



Thank you!!! As a woman in her early twenties finally trying to have sex, I wish I had dealt with my Vaginismus and fear of penetration a long time ago, nevertheless I am so grateful these products exist. The prices seem high but the money is 1000% worth it for me as I’ve gone from only physically tolerating the tip of a size 1 dilator to comfortably inserting a size 3. I plan on working up to size 5!


JP ON JUNE 15TH, 2019

I just wanted to let you guys know that your magnetic dilators have been AMAZING! I've been in therapy for 6 months and started going to a midwife as I've had a fear of inserting things into my vagina for as long as I can remember (I'm 24 and never worn a tampon or had anything except for a gyno's finger up my vagina). My midwife suggested buying dilators and I bought yours and, while they were intimidating at first, the insertion was even easier than a finger! AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING product thank you guys so much!!!


T.K Clinical Trial Patient ON MAY 16, 2019

I was so excited to meet you last week!! Thanks for your time in talking with me. Before the study I struggled with very painful sex (vaginal atrophy) for many years. I tried many different creams nothing worked for me. I thought my sex life was over. When I got involved in the clinical trail study for VuVa Magnetic Dilator. There wasn't anymore pain! I had found a solution for vaginal atrophy. My sex life was not over! Women need to keep their conversations going and they too, will be thanking you for developing the VuVa Magnetic Dilators. Sincerely, T.P Sarasota, FL


S.A ON APRIL 13, 2019

I don’t normally do this but I just felt the need to thank you personally because your dilators really changed my life:) I’m an 18 year old girl who previously couldn’t insert even a finger into my vagina without feeling pain, and slowly working through the dilators (I can fit all 5 in now!) has really opened doors for me and my boyfriend, and we successfully had sex all because of the work of dilators! So again, thank you so much, your product is really helping people and I appreciate it so much :) -Sam


LL ON AUGUST 27TH, 2018 

The VuVa Dilator with the Neodymium magnets has been a total game changer in my life. I have had vaginal intercourse pain for more years than I care to remember. I’m 65 years old, I went to my Gynecologist he recommended Mona Lisa Touch laser treatments that has helped with my pain but I think the dilator that was also recommended by my Gynecologist has made a huge difference too. I wish I would’ve known about dilators years ago. I can’t thank you enough VuVatech I’m pain free and totally enjoying enjoying my husband of 49 years.


C.B ON JULY 23RD, 2018

Along with developing a product that's giving hope to women who are treating Vulvodynia, Vestibulitis, Vaginismus and other challenging conditions, Tara is a wonderful person who is there to actually support the women purchasing and using her unique dilators. I have spent so much time and money on countless 'specialists' and products (to little or no avail), and have never encountered such a personal level of customer service as I have with Tara. She is someone who is incredibly empathetic with what you are going through. This is much more than something to try, it's something to believe in.




When I first started having my period I tried tampons and found them IMPOSSIBLE to use, very uncomfortable. I tried them now and again over the years and the result was pretty much the same - DISASTER. I’d use them when I had to (swimming and such) but could really only manage Lite or Junior tampons with a plastic applicator. Two years ago I started having an annual GYN exam and found that really difficult and uncomfortable for me. In talking with my mother (and eventually my gynecologist) I discovered I was suffering from Vaginismus. I started working with the Size 1 and Size 2 VuVatech vaginal dilators and now find using tampons pretty easy and comfortable. I would say my GYN exam is “tolerable” at this point. I am really surprised by the awesome progress! 


JKS ON JUNE 25, 2018



Vuvatech has provided me a lot of relief from Vaginismus! I have struggled with vaginal pain a lot over the years and didn't even know why or what it was? But, it's been a HUGE theme in my life since I struggled to use my first tampon as a teen. Losing my virginity was a HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE experience! Even as a sexually-active adult, I still struggled to use tampons many months (opting to use "teen-sized" tampons solely for comfort). My annual exam was often a disaster for me (something I would dread weeks in advance). Any partner that I had over the years that was "larger than normal," was a monumental challenge (of not impossible). It's been horrible. I recently learned about vaginismus and am seeking treatment for it. Vuvatech is part of that treatment, and, it's working! My husband and I are sincerely grateful to Vuvatech for its wonderful products! - JKS


JULIE ON JUNE 14, 2018



VuvaTech has helped make anal sex fun for me! I had tried anal sex a few times over the years and my experiences with it ranged from "painful" to "boring." I never understood what my girlfriends were raving about? It was often very painful for me and "good anal sex" would mean that it didn't last very long. A friend of mine suggested I try VuvaTech. After working my way up in size and depth over several months, everything changed for me! Wow! I now look forward to anal sex and can even orgasm during it! - Julie.




I’m 25 years old and had issues having intercourse with my boyfriend. I was recently diagnosed by my gynecologist with vaginismus. She referred me to a physical therapist that recommended I use dilators along with my daily exercises. I’m so unbelievably happy I purchased these. They really help with reducing pain with a heating sensation like a heating pad. I have been able to go from the first size to the second size in about 2 weeks. I was shocked and didn’t think I would transition that quickly. This process has been an emotional experience for me, as I had difficulty coming to terms with my condition. However, I have been determined to work at my pelvic floor muscles and show my boyfriend, as well as myself that I can do this. These dilators have helped my confidence sexually, as I continue to be intimate with my boyfriend in other ways. Which I wasn’t sure was possible for me to have confidence in that place of my life. Thank you so much. I recommend these to any woman suffering with vaginismus and seeking a change.

ANGELA N. ON MAY 13, 2018

I want to express my gratitude to vuvatech for making my wedding night truly wonderful for me! THANK YOU VUVATECH! As a teen I struggled horribly to use even the smallest tampon – only resorting to them when I had to (swimming in the summer). In college, I would absolutely dread my annual female exam. No matter how gentle my GYN would be, it would hurt, a lot. When my GYN found out I was engaged, she suggested I try vuvatech so that my wedding night would be more comfortable for me. She suggested I work with sizes 1 and 2, starting three months before my wedding. I took her advice. By my wedding day I could comfortably use size 2. My wedding night was WONDERFUL. Without vuvatech, I think it would have been a disaster. Thank you vuvatech!

JULIE ON APRIL 29, 2018 


I am enjoying sex for the first time thanks to my Vuva dilators !!! As a teen I found using tampons next to impossible. Later, losing my virginity was a horrible, painful experience. Over the years, I found sex at best “OK,” and often difficult and uncomfortable, especially if my partner was larger than average. A friend suggested I try Vuva dilators. I ordered the 5 dilator set and gave them a try. Practicing with #1 was pretty easy for me. Using #2 was a bit more challenging, but went OK. Progressing from #2 to #3 was the biggest challenge. It took a while and I went slowly with the transition. After getting comfortable using #3, getting used to using #4 and #5 went more quickly than I thought it would. After working with Vuva dilators, I find myself really enjoying sex. Thank you Vuva !!!! Shop Vaginal Dilators Now 


JAITYN G. ON APRIL 14, 2018 


This set as really helped me overcome my vaginismus! I would recommend buying the entire set because it gives you varying sizes and you're able to start really small and work up to the biggest one. I highly recommend these dilators even if you don't buy the whole set. Shop Vaginal Dilators Now 




Vuvatech rectal dilators gave me a second chance !!! I got really "turned off" of anal sex years ago before I was married. It was at best uncomfortable for me, and often very painful. My husband has wanted to try it over the years and I've always said "No!," letting him know how painful it was for me before. A girlfriend told me about Vuvatech and I decided to surprise him for our 10th wedding anniversary. I practiced with Vuvatech for 3 months for our anniversary. On the night of our 10th anniversary we finally tried it and it was sooo much better then when I tried it before. So good, that we have tried it several times since. Needless to say he was very surprised by his "present."
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I have found this to be a very helpful and easy-to-use product. After using it consistently for several weeks it has greatly reduced the soreness I would often feel the day after having anal sex and has actually made it possible for me to enjoy having anal sex with my husband. Prior to using VuVatech Rectal Dilators I would dread having anal sex, would not enjoy it at all, and would be very sore for several days afterwards. After working my way up to sizes #3 and #4, I can now comfortably accommodate and enjoy anal sex. The "day after soreness" I used to experience is completely gone! Also, when my husband and I do have anal sex, I can comfortably last longer then prior to using VuVatech and we are not so rushed.
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Anonymous on March 23, 2018

I am a 60 year old woman who had not been sexually active for some time. When I met my soon to be spouse, I was elated! However, I had a penetration problem. I couldn't believe that after all these years of waiting for the love of my life, I would not be able to consummate our marriage. My pelvic floor specialist recommended vaginal dilators as my condition was related to lichens sclerosis, not age! With a topical prescription and these wonderful vuva magnetic dilators, I am using the largest size with ease. I have used magnet therapy other times - never dreaming what a remarkable difference they would make for me in this regard. Thank you. Surprised and Happy. (even recommended a girlfriend undergoing chemo) Pricey but worth every penny! Shop Vaginal Dilators Now 


C ON MARCH 23, 2018


What a wonderful creation, after suffering with vulvodynia for the last 4 years i’m So glad I came across these. 
I would recommend them to anyone suffering with this awful condition. 
Thank you Tara xxx Shop Vaginal Dilators Now 


K.W ON MARCH 18, 2018


I just wanted to let you know I ended up ordering your product, and I will be indebted to you forever. 

At the age of 30 after suffering for vaginismus for 17 years, for the first time in my life, I have consciously been able to insert something in my vagina. I literally did not believe I had a space for something to enter me until I used your dilator. In two weeks, I have moved to the third of the five dilators and used a tampon. I am stunned.

I finally believe I am well on my way to losing my virginity - three years into my marriage - and God-willing, getting pregnant. 

You and your product have literally changed my life and I cannot express enough gratitude to you for being so open about your experience and developing these groundbreaking dilators. I felt so alone, so hopeless, and so abnormal - until I received your email.

I hope you feel such a sense of satisfaction, fulfillment and pride knowing you are literally changing women’s lives. I am going to make it my personal mission to spread the word about this product to all vaginismus suffers. 

Thank you so much, Tara, and God bless you. 

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S.S ON MARCH 4, 2018


I've never experienced painful sex before but randomly a few months ago it all started. I wasn't able to pinpoint exactly when it happened or what caused it. My doctor told me to "just relax" since the anticipation of pain could make it worse. Hearing "just relax" was infuriating! After much research I decide to purchase a set of dilators and randomly came across VuVatech. Though I purchased the whole set I started with the mid-sized dilator and after only three days I was able to move up a size. I haven't even used them regularly and they've made a tremendous difference!! I wasn't sure if this product was going to work for me but I'm so happy I purchased these ones instead of the traditional dilators. If you're experiencing painful sex, please, please, please, give these a try; they will absolutely change your life! Shop Vaginal Dilators Now  


EMILY ON FEB 27, 2018


Being in my early 20’s I never thought I would ever have a problem in this area but after a diagnoses with vaginismus I knew I had to make a change. Vuvatech had done wonders even with my wellbeing and have progressed to size 4 already giving me the confidence back I thought I wouldn’t have in that area of life! Tara, the founder of the company is amazing and extremely supportive with any condition women have! I would recommend to anyone looking to help out that area of their life! Shop Vaginal Dilators Now 


ABBEY ON FEB 4, 2018


Wow, VuVaTech dilators made a HUGE difference for me. Taking my time working my way up in size, starting with #1, has really helped me gain confidence and become much more comfortable mentally and physically. Learning to stretch and relax has made a big difference for me and has made me less nervous in general. Combined, this has made anal sex not only possible for me, but comfortable and enjoyable. Without VuVaTech this never would have been possible! Shop Rectal Dilators Now


AIMEE D. ON JAN 22, 2018


Vuva Rectal Dilators worked great for me and helped tremendously. Thanks Vuvatech !!! I was VERY nervous at first. At first I tried using them by myself and it was "awkward." Lying on my back was possible, but lying on my side was easier. I found it was easier when my husband helped. I recommend that if it's an option for you. Lying on my side, with my husband helping was the easiest by far. Relax, don't rush. Use plenty of lube and when changing sizes go slow. I did best when I really took the time to adjust and get comfortable with each new size - taking 5 to 10 minutes to relax after inserting just the tip, before inserting it further. Then, I would insert it a little further, pause / relax, insert it a little further, pause / relax and so on until it was fully inserted. It's not a fast way, but I found it's a very effective way to work your way up in size.  




VuVa Rectal Dilators are worth the money and really work. I also think the lubricant that comes with them is much better than what you can usually get in the store. I've been slowly working my way up in dilator size for 3 - 4 months now (just several times a week, not going too fast) and have made a lot of progress. When I started the #1 was possible, but a bit uncomfortable. Honestly . . . when I started I said to myself "I am never going to be able to use that #5 !!!" But, I just kept at it and can now use the #5! Amazing !!!! Shop Rectal Dilators Now


N.B. ON DEC 17, 2017


I decided to write to you and to thank you for the VuVatech kit. I ordered a set back in June and I had used them daily. I suffered from vaginismus and due to no insurance I self treated and a few months in, I was able to use a tampon. I ran into a few setbacks because I attempted PIV with my current partner and still failed. Then I decided to give it another try and we can now be intimate with no problems.

I will absolutely recommend this product to anyone out there that needs help.

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P.M. ON DEC 4, 2017


First of all I just want to say THANK YOU!!! Vuva has been a crucial product in my journey with vestibulitis. I have been able to gain confidence and faith in myself. I will be forever grateful with you for providing an instrument that has helped me overcome my struggle not only at a physical level but emotional as well. I already worked through all the dilators and was so excited to pass from the dilators to my partner. Shop Vaginal Dilators Now 


CINDY M. ON OCT 18, 2017


I was pretty nervous when my VuVa Rectal Dilators arrived! After reading the instructions, I took a deep breath and gave them a try. I went slow and they have worked well for me. I've been able to move from a 1 to a 3 in just a few weeks of frequent use. They've made things possible for me that I didn't think were possible. My husband was so surprised when he found out I had ordered them and been using them!

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RACHEL K. ON OCT 18, 2017


When I first received my VuVa Magnetic Dilators I was a little nervous. But, the instructions that came with them really put me at ease. I started out with a Size 1 and took some time to get comfortable with it. I was amazed how quickly I was able to progress from the Size 1 to the point I am at now comfortably using the Size 5. Thank you Vuva Tech !!!! 
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C.M ON SEPT 18, 2017


6 months after the birth of my first child I started experiencing painful intercourse, and vulvar itching, tearing and discoloration. After seeing three different gynecologists, I was finally diagnosed properly by a wonderful Urogynecologist with Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, Vulvodynia, and Lichen Sclerosus. At 33 years old, I was devastated and felt hopeless. I was prescribed numerous topical ointments, internal valium suppositories, and sent to a pelvic floor physical therapist for therapy twice a week. I was so overwhelmed, but trusted my doctor who is a member of the National Vulvodynia Association.  
My internal pain was still an issue, and after several sessions of PT, my physical therapist said it was time to "graduate" to dilators. Through my own research I had discovered the VuVa dilators and mentioned it to my PT. She hadn't had any patients use them before, but looked through the office and consulted with the other PT's in the practice, and realized that they had been sent a set by VuVaTech as a "sample" set. We tried them during one of my sessions and I was very happy. My PT was kind enough to email VuVaTech and ask for a coupon discount since I was a bit intimidated by the price. VuVaTech responded so kindly and sent a special code for 20% off for that PT practice's patients.  
I ordered #'s 3 and 4. I used them daily, and after the first use (I left it in for 20 minutes) I was able to have PAINLESS INTERCOURSE with my husband for the first time in almost two years. It was the first time I felt hopeful to get my old life back. These diseases wreak havoc on one's self esteem, personal relationships, and overall mental and physical well-being. Between my PT sessions and VuVaTech, I am happy to say that I feel about 75% like my old self, which I am really satisfied with. I can now have nearly-painless intercourse without having to use the dilators right before. I know with continued PT and use of VuvaTech I will be my old self again. 
Oh, and I am now expecting baby #2 which I NEVER thought would happen!  

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B.Z ON AUG 31, 2017

I feel happy to writing you because your invent is wonderful and make feel better. I am a vulvodynia patient too and my Doctor recommend use the Dilator set. I using the neodymium magnet size 2 and in one week I try to the next size.

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Y.S on Aug 22, 2017

Thank you so much. I was unsure of the product at first but it came with clear instructions and was really easy and gentle to use. I have only tried two sizes but am going to get more because I love it so much! It's made me feel calmer, more confident and helped my pelvic pain. Thank you Vuva!

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N/A Jun 29, 2017

I can't remember how long I've been doing it exactly, but I've been using your dilator 30 minutes every night for months.  I set a timer and usually wake up after falling asleep with the dilator in.  There have been nights where I would not hear the alarm and wake up at 2 in the morning with it still in.  Dr. Echenberg thought this was ok.  Anyways, thank you for your product.  I find it very , very helpful!

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K.T May 22, 2017

I find the vuva dilators very helpful.  I had a set of generic cylindrical shaped dilators prior to the vuva ones and found them heavy, bulky and painful to use.  I have pain deep inside and at the opening of my vagina and have no idea why.  I have always had this my whole life.  I also now have constant burning vulva pain and I often wonder if it comes from tight muscles as pelvic physio helps a tiny bit.  In conjunction with the dilators, I get even more relief. 

I like that the vuva dilators are light and have a round base at the bottom to grip.  I also like the shape of them as it makes it easier and less painful to insert.  I have pretty bad problems with constipation and for some reason when I insert the larger dilators they actually make me able to go to the washroom.  They also help to loosen me up for less painful intercourse.  They are still hard though so when I slide them in, it hurts when it hits certain spots that are already tender which sucks.  I have this with sex too but it’s not as bas since he bends to fit. 

Overall I have had a good experience with the vuva dilators and rely on them on a daily basis for pain reduction.


Eleanor. on Jan 31, 2017

I received the dilators just shy of 36 hours ago, and I’ve used them for an hour in total since receiving, no sign or vagisimus or vulvodynia and absolutely pain free sex for the first time ever after experiencing symptoms for 8 years.

These are truly a miracle product and have regained my hope in beating my symptoms, I can’t explain how happy I am to have come across these, and the story behind you is so inspirational.

*Individual results may vary. 



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