• | Caroline Knight

    7 Top Tips for Better Sex After Menopause

      No woman alive can escape menopause. It is an inevitable phase in the female aging process, but that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult. How a woman experiences menopause is down to a variety of factors, from hormone level fluctuations to diet, lifestyle… even mental resilience and emotional f... View Post
  • | Caroline Knight

    Atrophic Vaginitis Treatment with Magnetic Vaginal Dilators

    If you are looking for atrophic vaginitis treatment, know that you are one of many women seeking solutions for this difficult condition. At VuvaTech we speak to women suffering from the symptoms of atrophic vaginitis (also known as vaginal atrophy) every day… and we are pleased to be able to say ... View Post
  • | Caroline Knight

    Dilator Sizes: Looking for the Largest Vaginal Dilator?

      If you are looking for the largest vaginal dilator, you may already have some experience of using dilators. You may even be ready to take your healing process to the final stage… if so, that’s great news! If you are looking to buy a larger dilator but still have a few questions, we are here to ... View Post
  • | Caroline Knight

    Dilator Sizes: Looking for the Smallest Vaginal Dilator?

    If you are looking for the smallest vaginal dilator, perhaps you have some apprehension about using dilators. It might be that you are new to dilator therapy and want to start out with the smallest dilator available; alternatively, you may be dealing with a difficult condition that requires a sma... View Post
  • | Caroline Knight

    Dilators for Dyspareunia: Home Treatment for Painful Sex

    Dyspareunia is the name for painful sex, whether the pain occurs before, during or after intercourse. As you might imagine, dyspareunia can have a wide range of causes, some of which are physiological and some psychological. It is important to try and discover the reason for painful sex, because ... View Post
  • | Tara Langdale

    What Size Vaginal Dilator Should I Get?

      You have undoubtedly found your way to this article because you have heard about the benefits of vaginal dilators. However, if you haven’t used a vaginal dilator before, you may be a little confused about how to get started with them. Knowing which is the right size vaginal dilator for you is n... View Post
  • | Tara Langdale

    What Is the Best Vaginal Dilator for You? A Guide

    Did you know that many women feel some form of pain when attempting to engage in intimate activity with a sexual partner? While this might seem like a never-ending problem without a solution there are ways to ease the pain and get back to enjoying a normal sexual life.  If you've continued to e... View Post
  • | Tara Langdale

    Vaginal Dilators: Important facts you need to know

    When it comes to vaginal dilators, they have two main purposes - one is they help the vagina get used to having something inside of it, and the other is they help erase the muscle memory that keeps your pelvic floor in a protection mode. Even if the size of your vagina is normal, you need to know... View Post

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Tara Langdale-Schmidt is no stranger to pain. After all, she endured 11 surgeries for endometriosis starting at a young age. But when sex became impossible for her and her then-fiancé, and doctors were flummoxed, Langdale-Schmidt knew she had to take matters into her own hands. Her mother’s treatment for fibromyalgia sparked an idea when Langdale-Schmidt was finally diagnosed with vulvodynia, a painful condition involving the vulva, and magnetic dilators shaped like a vibrator were the answer to her prayers. Find out how she tested her product and took it to market on this episode of SheVentures.