• | Tara Langdale

    5 Reasons Why Sex is Painful after Radiation

      Radiation therapy focuses on one area of the body, but although it brings fewer side effects than chemotherapy, it does affect healthy cells. Is pain after radiation normal? Unfortunately, it is. Post-radiation pain is common, regardless of the type and location of cancer. Unfortunately, in som... View Post
  • | Tara Langdale

    How Soon After Chemotherapy Can You Have Sex?

    How soon can I have sex after chemotherapy? This tends to be an important question for women going through chemo, if they are in a romantic relationship. Given that there are many ways chemo can affect your sex life, the prospect can feel worrying. Cancer affects women of all ages, the types of ... View Post
  • | Tara Langdale

    Sex After Cancer for Women Over 60: How Dilators Can Help

    Studies have shown that more than half of men and women in their 60s still have sex regularly. Interestingly, older women also report more sexual satisfaction after their mid-60s, probably because they have more experience, free time, familiarity and comfort with their partner, and fewer worries.... View Post
  • | Tara Langdale

    Why is my Anus Tightening? Understanding Anal Stenosis

    Anal stenosis, also known as anal or rectal stricture, is a relatively rare but uncomfortable condition affecting the anal passage and all its functions. For some, it can become very problematic and lead to other, more serious health complications. Depending on its severity, stricture can impact ... View Post
  • | Tara Langdale

    5 Treatment Options for Anal Stenosis

      Anal stenosis is the name for the uncomfortable but relatively uncommon condition in which the anal canal tightens and narrows, leading to difficulty in passing stools. It is also referred to as rectal stenosis or anal stricture. The anal muscles do not expand and contract normally during defec... View Post
  • | Caroline Knight

    How Long Does it Take for Dilators to Work? - VuVa Dilator Company

      Vaginal dilators (also known as vaginal trainers) are tools that many women consider a ‘Godsend’. If you have never needed to buy a vaginal dilator before, you may have several questions around their efficacy and use. That’s fine, because we are experts in vaginal dilator therapy and are here t... View Post
  • | Caroline Knight

    Vulvodynia Diagnosis: What is the Q-TIP test?

    Any woman who has suffered from vulvodynia pain will confirm that it is absolutely debilitating and profoundly impacts many aspects of life. Women with vulvodynia must also suffer the loss of pleasure from sex, difficulty exercising, walking or sitting, and the fear of unexpected flare-ups with n... View Post
  • | Caroline Knight

    Sex Hurts My Vagina: What’s Going On?

      Why does sex hurt my vagina? Unfortunately the answer to this question may not be straightforward, but we are here to help you pinpoint the cause. If you’re wondering why sex hurts your vagina, it’s likely that you have not yet discovered an imbalance somewhere in your body, or perhaps even in ... View Post

VuVa Podcast

Tara Langdale-Schmidt is no stranger to pain. After all, she endured 11 surgeries for endometriosis starting at a young age. But when sex became impossible for her and her then-fiancé, and doctors were flummoxed, Langdale-Schmidt knew she had to take matters into her own hands. Her mother’s treatment for fibromyalgia sparked an idea when Langdale-Schmidt was finally diagnosed with vulvodynia, a painful condition involving the vulva, and magnetic dilators shaped like a vibrator were the answer to her prayers. Find out how she tested her product and took it to market on this episode of SheVentures.