• | Tara Langdale

    What are dilators used for?

    Vaginal dilators are pelvic wands used to strengthen vaginal muscles slowly and naturally. Sometimes referred to as vaginal trainers, they are commonly prescribed to improve the elasticity of the vagina for a variety of reasons. Is sexual pain normal? No. And you should know what devices to use ... View Post
  • | Tara Langdale

    How are Dilators Used For Pelvic Pain?

    Your healthcare provider or physical therapist may have recommended dilators for pelvic floor dysfunction. This may have been the first time you’ve heard of a vaginal dilator or pelvic wand. Not knowing what they are or how to use dilators for pelvic pain is normal.    After all, talking about s... View Post
  • | Tara Langdale

    What Exercises Will Loosen Down There?

    Do you have tight pelvic floor muscles causing you pain? It may be time to loosen a tight vagina. Stretched and inflamed vaginal tissue causes painful intercourse, pelvic pain, and mental health concerns. The good news is that you don't have to suffer. Specific exercises will help loosen down th... View Post
  • | Tara Langdale

    Vaginal Dilators Q&A: What do the experts have to say about dilator therapy?

      When coming to terms with a challenging health condition in life, naturally you will look for the perfect solution to your problem. One of the key factors in finding a solution is good research, and this should come from authoritative sources – which generally means that it has come from (or is... View Post
  • | Tara Langdale

    Tips for Successful Vaginal Dilator Treatment

      Vaginal dilators have for a long time been considered one of the most effective treatments for a wide range of pelvic floor and sexual disorders. One of the most common reasons for using vaginal dilators is to restore normal sexual function, often including the reduction or elimination of pain ... View Post
  • | Tara Langdale

    Can Herpes Really Cause Vulvodynia?

    If you're struggling with chronic vulvar pain, you want answers. Unfortunately, most vulvar pain may not have a reason and is put into the general category of vulvodynia. However, other conditions like chronic yeast infections and vaginal infections may cause inflamed vulvar skin. One of these ma... View Post
  • | Tara Langdale

    What You Need To Know About What Causes Endometriosis

    Endometriosis: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment - What Causes Endometriosis & How to Treat It If you're living with endometriosis, you may be suffering from severe pain and want to know why. Endometriosis is when the endometrial tissues that usually line the inside of the uterus grow outside... View Post
  • | Tara Langdale

    Does Vulvodynia Cause Discharge? Symptoms & Treatments

    Women with vulvodynia often wonder if vaginal discharge is caused by vulvodynia. Vulvodynia, known as the burning vulva syndrome, causes pelvic pain, burning, and inflammation for millions of women worldwide. In most cases, there's no identifiable cause.   Vaginal discharge is normal for women wi... View Post

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Tara Langdale-Schmidt is no stranger to pain. After all, she endured 11 surgeries for endometriosis starting at a young age. But when sex became impossible for her and her then-fiancé, and doctors were flummoxed, Langdale-Schmidt knew she had to take matters into her own hands. Her mother’s treatment for fibromyalgia sparked an idea when Langdale-Schmidt was finally diagnosed with vulvodynia, a painful condition involving the vulva, and magnetic dilators shaped like a vibrator were the answer to her prayers. Find out how she tested her product and took it to market on this episode of SheVentures.