• | Caroline Knight

    Can Food Allergies Cause Vulvodynia?

    The saying “you are what you eat” is famous across the world for good reason. That’s because to some extent, it’s usually true! A lot of the health problems we face today are either caused by food, or lack thereof – in particular correct nutrition – and even when illnesses are caused by something... View Post
  • | Caroline Knight

    Is Vulvodynia a Chronic Illness?

    Given that the pain of vulvodynia is can be quite overwhelming at times, it’s little wonder that women all over the world are searching the internet for solutions and advice. If you’ve found yourself reading this Vuvatech article, know that you’ve come to the right place. Vuvatech advice and prod... View Post
  • | Caroline Knight

    Is Vulvodynia Genetic? Find Out Whether You Have a Predisposition…

    Vulvodynia is the name for intense discomfort or burning pain in the vulvar area. Because the exact cause of vulvodynia is not officially confirmed, many women are left asking questions about its origin. We have often been asked, Is vulvodynia genetic? but there is no simple answer to this. Never... View Post
  • | Caroline Knight

    Worried About Whether Vulvodynia is Contagious? Will I pass it to someone else?

    When you first experience the burning, uncomfortable pain of vulvodynia, your mind is likely to start reeling with questions. Naturally you’ll want to get rid of that pain as soon as possible, and when you don’t know much about this difficult condition, you could be forgiven for wondering about w... View Post
  • | Caroline Knight

    The Burning Question: Will I have Vulvodynia Forever?

      The poignant question, “Will I have vulvodynia forever?” is one that Tara Langdale (founder of Vuvatech) found herself asking many, many times during her twenties. Tara was no stranger to the burning and stinging pain of vulvodynia, and found that this tricky and persistent condition was impact... View Post
  • | Tara Langdale

    Genophobia - Overcoming the Fear of Sexual Intercourse

    According to Harvard Health, a phobia is an intense fear that’s excessive without rationality. It’s a type of anxiety disorder directed at an object, person, situation, or activity. (1) In the case of genophobia, it’s the intense fear of sexual intimacy. It’s sometimes called erotophobia. Even t... View Post
  • | Tara Langdale

    What is a Therawand? What are the types and how can it help me?

    The Therawand is a clinically proven therapeutic internal massage and trigger point release wands. The TheraWand’s brilliant curves and dual release-ends make it perfect for pelvic massage, trigger point release and sexual wellness. The proven and patented designs are recommended by medical profe... View Post
  • | Caroline Knight

    Does Vulvodynia Get Worse Over Time?

      The pain condition we call vulvodynia can be challenging on various levels. It not only affects you physically, but mentally and emotionally too. Any pain condition that doesn’t go away easily is likely to lead to worry and anxiety, and for some it can even lead to depression. Therefore it’s im... View Post

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Tara Langdale-Schmidt is no stranger to pain. After all, she endured 11 surgeries for endometriosis starting at a young age. But when sex became impossible for her and her then-fiancé, and doctors were flummoxed, Langdale-Schmidt knew she had to take matters into her own hands. Her mother’s treatment for fibromyalgia sparked an idea when Langdale-Schmidt was finally diagnosed with vulvodynia, a painful condition involving the vulva, and magnetic dilators shaped like a vibrator were the answer to her prayers. Find out how she tested her product and took it to market on this episode of SheVentures.