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  • Small VuVa Smooth Vaginal Dilator Set  Vuvatech
  • Small VuVa Smooth Vaginal Dilator Set  Vuvatech
  • Small VuVa Smooth Vaginal Dilator Set  Vuvatech
  • Small VuVa Smooth Vaginal Dilator Set  Vuvatech
  • Small VuVa Smooth Vaginal Dilator Set  Vuvatech
  • Small VuVa Smooth Vaginal Dilator Set  Vuvatech
  • Small VuVa Smooth Vaginal Dilator Set  Vuvatech

Small VuVa Smooth Vaginal Dilator Set

  • 41.60 USD
  • 52.00 USD

*This Dilator Set contains no magnets 

Our Small Smooth Set includes four (4) Vaginal Dilators made from medical grade polycarbonate plastic. Instructions, travel bag, and Slippery Stuff Lubricant samples are included. Our lubricant is water based and very safe for customers who have sensitive skin and pelvic pain conditions. These are Graduated Vaginal Dilators Ultrasonically Sealed for Hygiene Purposes. The Graduated top makes for easier insertion.

Item No.: #1001SM (NON Magnetic) BPA Free

Brand: VuVatech

Sizes Included: Sizes: 1,2,3,4

Country of Origin: Made in Sarasota, Florida, USA


About Us

VuVa Vaginal Dilators were invented and patented by a pelvic pain patient who had painful intercourse and needed a solution. VuVatech has now helped over 125,000 people worldwide who suffer from pelvic pain conditions. All VuVa Dilators are made in the USA.

Patent #9,687,274  

Item No: #1001SM (NON Magnetic) BPA Free

Sizes Included: 1-4

Brand: VuVatech 

Country of Origin: Made in Sarasota, Florida, USA

Conditions Dilators Treat

Our products can help with these conditions:

  • Vaginismus
  • Vulvodynia
  • Vaginal Atrophy
  • Vulvar Vestibulitis
  • Dyspareunia (painful sex)
  • Vaginal Stenosis
  • Post Radiation and Cancer Treatments
  • Gender Reassignment Surgery
  • MRKH Surgery/Vaginal Agenesis


Full Directions: How to Use Vaginal Dilators

Instructions included recommend you use vaginal trainers or dilators 5-20 minutes twice/per day while laying down in a comfortable place. If you cannot use your dilators that long, it is okay. Use your dilators as long as you can and work up to that time table. You should never go over a 3-4 pain level when dilating out of pain score of 10. How long it takes a patient to move up in size depends on the severity of their condition. Vaginal Dilators are a relatively safe treatment as long as you follow the instructions included or given to you by your healthcare provider.

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists can help you with your vaginal dilator treatment. We have a locator on the Resources Tab on our website.

Return Policy

For health reasons, VuVatech Dilators are not able to be restocked if heat seal or safety sticker has been opened. If seal is unbroken, you may return. You may return within 30 days of purchase. Please read our Return Policy

Important Notice

The information on this website should not be substituted for your routine and necessary scheduled medical care. Please find a Vulvar Pain Specialist or Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist to oversee your at home therapy program.


  • Size 1 Length 4 inches Diameter 0.375 inches Circumference 1.17 inches
  • Size 2 Length 4.5 inches Diameter .5 inches Circumference 1.57 inches
  • Size 3 Length 5 inches Diameter .75 inch Circumference 2.35 inches
  • Size 4 Length 5.25 inches Diameter 1 inch Circumference 3.14 inches

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Annmarie Gennattasio

Game changer!!!

Thank you for sharing. We strive to be the safest dilator company in the USA.

Happy purchase

The size transitions are really good. The texture is smooth and not uncomfortable. Easy to use, easy to clean, easy to store. Previously had issues with even inserting tampons, have since made significant progress past that point with the use of this product. Very happy with the results.

Thank you for sharing. The new smaller size is a wonderful starting point.


These vaginal dilators have drastically changed my life! Once I was finally comfortable inserting the largest size, I felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders. Vaginismus has controlled my sex life for too long, and these dilators have finally relaxed and stretched my vaginal muscles to the point where I can have pain-free sex! I was a little skeptical at first that these dilators would even work, but they were amazing. I would highly recommend these to anyone suffering from vaginismus or other related conditions.