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5 Reasons to Use Vaginal Dilators for Vaginismus

Vaginismus affects many women around the world, causing them both stress and pain in a variety of situations. Women with vaginismus will experience tightening and contractions in the vagina - especially at the thought of penetration. Vaginismus can make intercourse, examinations and menstrual cycles difficult to deal with. Due to spasms in the birth canal, attempts at intercourse or penetration of any kind can lead to burning, stinging or tearing sensations. This naturally results in panic or anxiety and the cycle repeats.


Fortunately there is a wonderful product available for treating vaginismus: vaginal dilators. After using vaginal dilators for some time, women often find that they have overcome both the pain and fear that has been hampering their lives. If you’re wondering why or how to use vaginal dilators for vaginismus, read on…


Our top 5 reasons to use vaginal dilators for vaginismus


  1. You can enjoy sexual intercourse once again


Sex can’t possibly be enjoyable while you’re feeling burning or stinging pains – it can actually be difficult for penetration to happen at all. When you can manage to have sex, the result is often pain of some kind. Fortunately, painful sex (dyspareunia) can be a thing of the past when you use vaginal dilators for vaginismus.


No doubt you want nothing more than to enjoy your sex life. Vaginal dilators can help you relax the muscles in your vagina and become accustomed to penetration at your own pace. With practice, the chances of experiencing sexual pleasure are much higher. For many women, this can happen within a few weeks – sometimes months – but as soon as you have got used to your dilator, you’re likely to feel so much more comfortable with your partner.


  1. Gynecological exams get easier


In some ways, gynecological exams are more traumatic for vaginismus sufferers. After all, there is no intimacy or connection with your examiner and the procedure is very clinical. This can lead to extra anxiety, making important exams difficult or even impossible.


When you choose vaginal dilators for vaginismus treatment, the results are similar to those you get when using them for intercourse. Ultimately the goal is to relax and get the vagina used to penetration, in your own time. After using vaginal dilators for a while, you should be much more able to relax enough for the appointments to be successful.


  1. The magnets in Vuva dilators help the vagina to relax


Have you heard of magnetic therapy? It is a popular treatment around the world and can remedy so many different conditions. We highly recommend using magnetic vaginal dilators for vaginismus, and here’s why:


  • Neodymium magnets help to lengthen and stretch vaginal soft tissues
  • They boost blood flow to the areas you’re feeling pain
  • They help to relax your vaginal muscles and ligaments
  • Magnets have nerve-calming abilities



Magnets are particularly useful for treating pain; they work with your body’s naturally magnetic field, bringing it back into balance. This is why we created a dilator range with Neodymium magnets.


  1. You can insert tampons (or menstrual cups) without pain


Women with vaginismus sometimes dread their monthly periods. At the very least, it can be pain to use sanitary pads – they can get messy and they aren’t the most convenient option. Lots of women prefer to use tampons or a menstrual cup, but with vaginismus, these things can seem impossible. However, once you become accustomed to penetration by using vaginal dilators, you will find that tampons are super-easy to insert. Why not try our soft and smooth silicone dilators for this purpose?


  1. Dilators work well alongside psychological therapies


Sometimes vaginismus stems from serious psychological trauma or negative associations. In those cases, dilators alone may not be able to help you, since you must also heal the root of the trauma in your mind. Women who are seeking any form of sexual therapy to heal their emotional triggers can help the process along by practicing using a dilator for their vaginismus too. The two treatments work exceptionally well together in many instances.


It sometimes helps to hear what other women have to say about using vaginal dilators, so we’ve compiled a few experiences for you to read. If you have any other questions before starting to use dilators for vaginismus, don’t forget that Vuvatech are here to help however we can… so don’t be afraid to reach out!






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