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When it comes to buying dilators online, you have a few deluxe choices. VuVatech offers premium vaginal dilator sets that help women overcome psychological and physical issues. Vaginal dilator therapy is a safe and effective way to expand and stretch the vagina naturally by offering women a renewed chance to overcome pelvic and sexual pain. The result is rejuvenation and increased sexual wellness.


Magnetic Vaginal Dilators

The  VuVa™ Magnetic Vaginal Dilators use unique magnets to heal vaginal muscles and tissues. Each magnetic vaginal dilator set comes with 60 neodymium magnets that pull fresh oxygenated blood into the pelvic muscles to ease painful scar tissue. Neodymium is a rare-earth magnet that produces a powerful energy source.



The neodymium magnets use a magnetic field to revitalize vaginal tissue while removing an acidity in the body that may cause illness. Invented by a pelvic pain patient who lived through painful sexual intercourse and wanted a solution that helped ease vaginal tightening. VuVa™ Magnetic Vaginal Dilators are the only patented vaginal dilators online using magnet technology to heal pelvic pain conditions.


Non-magnetic Vaginal Dilators


The VuVa™ Smooth Vaginal Dilators come in medical grade polycarbonate plastic that's firm yet healing. The plastic vaginal dilators come in graduated sets, making vaginal therapy customized for each woman. You can choose the vaginal trainers that are right for your body and health concern.   


Inserting the  VuVa™ Smooth Vaginal Dilator is easy because each one has a graduated tip. When you use vaginal moisturizer, insertion is as pain-free as possible. It's important to remember that at first dilator therapy may be extremely painful, but as you take the time to commit to one to two sessions per day, the pain will recede.


Silicone Dilators  


By far, one of the softest dilators you can buy online are the VuVa™ Silicone Dilators. The silicone dilators are made from Grade 6 medical silicone. The Grade 6 silicone dilator is top-quality and extremely comfortable to insert. When you use the silicone vaginal dilators, you'll notice how they warm to your body temperature and mold into your vaginal tissues.


The silky-soft texture is non-porous and FDA-approved. As with the other dilators, personal lubricants further ease insertion. While silicone dilators are excellent, the softer nature of the product may not be as effective as the VuVa™ Magnetic Vaginal Dilators or the VuVa™ Smooth Vaginal Dilator. The reason is that the magnets and firmness of the non-silicone dilators may produce results faster and easier.


Unisex Rectal Dilators


The Unisex Rectal Dilators help men and women stretch their anus safely. The rectal dilators are made of medical-grade polycarbonate plastic that's firm, yet smooth. Each set comes in a subdued grey color and matching travel case to make it easy to pack. People choose Unisex Rectal Dilators to overcome different medical conditions, including:


  •     Pelvic Floor Tension Myalgia
  •     Rectal Pain
  •     Chronic Prostatitis
  •     Post Radiation and Cancer Treatments
  •     Ani Levator Syndrome


Before beginning rectal therapy, check with your healthcare professional on whether it’s right for you. Also, remember to follow the instructions that come with the Unisex Rectal Dilators.


What do the Vuva Dilators Kits include?


VuVa™ Vaginal Dilators and Unisex Rectal Dilators come with a special travel bag, complimentary water-based lubricant, and graduated sizes. The detailed instructions make dilator therapy clear and easy to follow. Although you should consult with your gynecologist or physical therapist for beginning dilator therapy.


What size dilator is right for me?

The dilator size depends on your pelvic pain condition, rectal condition, and vaginal and rectal capacity. Each woman and man has different and has various pain thresholds. The VuVa™ Vaginal Dilators and Rectal Dilators come in graduated sizes (1-5), starting at .5 inches in width, 2.25 inches in length, and a circumference of 1.57 inches.


When you begin dilator therapy, physical therapist advises starting with the smallest size is the most helpful. As you begin to heal and stretch your vagina or anus, you can slowly move up to the next size. Each size goes up a ¼ inch in diameter to allow for pain-free as possible sexual pain therapy.


How are the Dilators shipped?

VuVatech offers discreet shipping with no indication of the contents. All the magnetic dilators come ultrasonically sealed for hygiene. The VuVa™ Vaginal Dilators and Unisex Rectal Dilators are made in the United States and come with free shipping.


How long is the dilator therapy?


The exact amount of time you’ll need dilator therapy depends on your body and medical advice. For some, vaginal trainers and rectal dilators help ease pain and discomfort right away. For others, treatment takes longer and may require weeks or months of daily therapy. Doctors recommend dilator therapy happens 1-2 times per day for a minimum of 30 minutes.


What vaginal pain issues do vaginal dilators help?


Thousands of women around the world use vaginal dilators safely and comfortably in their homes. Vaginal dilator therapy helps alleviate many pelvic pain conditions, including:


  • Vaginismus: The involuntary muscle contraction due to vaginal penetration.
  • Dyspareunia: It's painful intercourse from structural and psychological conditions.
  • Vulvodynia: Searing pelvic pain that has no discernible cause or source.
  • Vulvar Vestibulitis: Burning pain right at the opening of the vagina.
  • Pelvic Radiation Therapy: Shortening and narrowing of the vagina from pelvic radiation therapy treatment.
  • Menopause: The transition in a woman's life when her ovaries begin not to produce eggs for fertilization. The severe drop in hormones causes vaginal dryness and vaginal structural changes. 
  • Vaginal Stenosis: The birth canal becomes narrower and shorter, often from pelvic radiation therapy or surgery.
  • Vaginal Atrophy: The extreme dryness in the vagina that causes painful sexual penetration.
  • Pudendal Neuralgia: It's a chronic pain that develops from the damage to the pudendal nerve.
  • Vaginal Agenesis: A rare disorder when the vagina doesn’t form. It’s usually present before birth.


If you're suffering from pelvic pain, vaginal dilators are a non-surgical method that works. Investing in premium vaginal dilator sets is an investment in physical and emotional well-being. When you buy dilators online from VuVatech, you're receiving the best dilators available and made by a woman who understands what it's like to suffer each day. Begin your journey to a pain-free life today.


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