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How CBD Products Can Benefit Your Sex Life

CBD products bring incredible benefits, including reducing inhibitions and improving your sex life. There are various CBD products available and they can be used in many different ways.

CBD products have a variety of health benefits; improving one’s sex life is just one example

CBD, the non-psychoactive counterpart to THC, is now an effective modern solution to several ailments. Common reasons for using CBD products are minimizing depression, anxiety, nausea, and general chronic pain. Pelvic pain during sex is no exception. It might be a good idea to incorporate CBD in your pelvic pain condition treatment plan.

CBD research swelled since the legalization of recreational and medical marijuana in several states. As an adequate substitute for pharmaceutical painkillers, CBD therapy has proven to be a stable, non addictive treatment for painful sex due to vaginismus or psychologically related issues. 


What is CBD?

Very simply, CBD is a cannabinoid chemical that works by attaching to certain receptors that affect the body in a particular way. The CB1 receptors are responsible for coordination and mood, while CB2 receptors influence inflammation and pain perception. Naturally these are relevant factors to how much a woman enjoys sex.

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Ways to consume CBD products

You do not necessarily have to smoke CBD products. Rather, topical applications as well as tincture forms are best suited to treat sexual issues. However, other forms of consumption exist, such as sprays, edibles and even CBD-isolate in pill form.

CBD products can also come in the form of rich lubricants, such as CaraGold or Foria Pleasure. However, these are oil-based, and so you should avoid latex condoms due to possible breakage. The CBD infused lubricants work by loosening the surrounding tissues and encouraging more blood flow in the vagina, allowing for penetration to be an easier and more pleasurable activity. Right now, CBD-suppositories are thriving on the market and studies are being conducted to further understand their efficacy in light of pelvic pain.


CBD as an aphrodisiac

Moreover, CBD can behave as an aphrodisiac. CBD can relax any stressors, allowing for more intimate thoughts rather than anxious ones. This can amount to more orgasms and thus a more satisfying sex life. Nascent research has confirmed that CBD products can improve your sex life by reducing pain and loosening inhibitions, whether the pain be physical or psychological in origin.

A quick internet search will bring up plenty of anecdotes to affirm this. In addition to improving sex for women, CBD products can also help men by suppressing erectile dysfunction; they also help to sustain an erection by encouraging blood flow! So, this is best enjoyed by both partners to maximize pleasure and ease.


The verdict

Finally, your Doctor should be the first port of call when it is necessary to address pain. Nonetheless, on the condition that you live in a state where it is legal, inquire about your Doctor’s perspective about using CBD products to improve bedroom issues. Chances are, they will confirm the extraordinary benefits in all its forms.


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