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5 Natural Treatments for Vaginal Atrophy

What is Vaginal atrophy?

Vaginal atrophy (also called atrophic vaginitis) is a condition that develops within many women after the menopause, or after having radiation treatment. It happens because of a decline in estrogen, the hormone responsible for keeping the vaginal tissues healthy and the lubrication levels sufficient. When estrogen is missing the vaginal tissues may start to thin and become inflamed.


Furthermore, as lubrication levels significantly drop, the vagina becomes dry. These symptoms can lead to another set of problems – notably, painful or difficult sexual intercourse. If because of this a woman avoids sexual activity for extended periods, her vagina is likely to shorten and narrow, losing its capacity and flexibility.


It’s little wonder then that women are seeking fast and effective vaginal atrophy solutions. They may be offered estrogen replacements and other medical solutions. However these sometimes have harmful side effects, so they are not for everyone. More and more women are searching for natural vaginal atrophy treatments in 2021, and we are here to help with exactly that.


What are the symptoms of vaginal atrophy?


Aside from the symptoms we mentioned above, vaginal atrophy can lead to:


  • Vaginal burning
  • Vaginal discharge
  • Genital itching
  • Burning with urination
  • Urgency with urination
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Light bleeding after intercourse


Understandably, when a woman has to deal with any or all of these symptoms, sex becomes challenging. However, there’s something important to note about sex and vaginal atrophy: if your vagina has shortened or narrowed, it is normal to experience pain during sex (dyspareunia) - even if you are using lubricant. Despite this, it is a good idea to have regular sex if you can, since this helps to keep the vaginal tissues thick and moist while maintaining its usual capacity, thus making sex less painful over time.


Our top 5 natural treatments for vaginal atrophy


1. Try a natural vaginal lubricant


When the vaginal tissues are dry they are more susceptible to injury, tearing, and bleeding during sexual activity (or any other kind of penetration). However vaginal dryness can bring other irritations to women who are not sexually active. Natural lubricants are one of the best ways to ease your dryness.


Here are some of our favorite plant-based and water-based lubricants for the vaginal area: 



2. Use natural vaginal suppositories


First up is vaginal probiotics. There is evidence to support the use of probiotics for vaginal atrophy symptoms. That’s because like the gut, the vagina has its own little ecosystem comprising of various types of microflora. These helps to keep the vaginal pH balanced, which in turn can prevent other annoying menopause symptoms like bacterial vaginosis and urinary tract infections.


There are various vaginal probiotic suppositories and gels on the market that help restore the microflora to a healthy balance, which can mean fewer problems with vaginal discharge and irritation.


Secondly, you can try NeuEve suppositories (or their highly effective creams). These are perfect for easing various different vaginal atrophy symptoms. They are made from 100% natural food grade ingredients, and of course are hormone and estrogen-free.


3. See a pelvic floor physical therapist


Pelvic Floor physical therapy is a very effective treatment for reconditioning the pelvic floor muscles, which in turn helps greatly with vaginal atrophy symptoms. In particular, it helps muscular weakness, pain and dysfunction, and it often includes the use of vaginal dilators to help restore the vaginal capacity.


Many women with vaginal atrophy seek the assistance of a pelvic floor physical therapist; if you wish to do the same, check out our PT locator for a therapist close to you.


4. Use vaginal dilators


We never stop singing the praises of vaginal dilators because they are the perfect treatment for so many gynecological problems – vaginal atrophy included. In the case of atrophy, these little devices are able to dilate (widen) your vagina so that it retains a functional capacity and you are able to resume a normal sex life.


vaginal atrophy treatments vaginal dilators


If you have already lost length or width in your vagina, you can start out with one of the smaller dilators and work your way up to the bigger ones gradually, until the point when you are ready for sex again. Our Neodymium magnetic dilators are best for vaginal atrophy because they encourage blood flow to the tissues, helping to regenerate them.


5. Get plenty of exercise


Last but by no means least, a simple but effective natural vaginal atrophy treatment is regular exercise! Believe it or not, getting some exercise each day can boost your estrogen levels. Estrogen and serotonin intrinsically linked, in that serotonin regulates estrogen synthesis. Since exercise can boost your serotonin levels, in turn you can regulate your estrogen levels. There has never been a better excuse to take up yoga!


The bottom line is that vaginal atrophy is difficult, but it doesn’t have to spell the end for your physical comfort – and especially not for your sex life! It’s undoubtedly just a case of selecting the right natural products and using them consistently. We wish you the best of luck in overcoming your symptoms… and of course you know where to find us if you need any help in selecting products.


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