Do You Experience Pain ‘Down There’?

Discover a Natural Way to Embrace Pleasure Again

What life would be like if you didn't experience pain "down there"?

What if there was a way for private at home floor pelvic therapy that's safe, effective and affordable?

Learn how VuVa™ Patented Magnetic Dilators have been specifically designed to help women

  • Decrease pain by relaxing vaginal muscles
  • Ease penetration anxiety
  • Increase natural lubrication
  • Reclaim confidence with intimacy
  • Allows enjoyable sexual connections while reducing discomfort

...all in just minutes a day you can have you sex life back.

FDA Registered Numbers:

Regulation Device Listing #: 884.4530

Registered Establishment Manufacturer #: 3003312230

US Patent#: 9,687,274 B2

UK Patent#: 253936B


Introducing VuVa™ Neodymium Magnetic Dilators

Who Is This For?

If you suffer from...

  • Painful Intercourse (Dyspareunia)

  • Painful Exams

  • Vaginal Atrophy due to Menopause

  • Vestibulodynia/Vulvodynia

  • Extreme tightness (Vaginismus)

  • Vaginal Stenosis

VuVa™ Neodymium Magnetic Dilators can help.  

A VuVa™ magnetic vaginal dilator is a safe and natural shaped device used to stretch your vaginal tissues gently and progressively with different sizes.

It's designed to use during therapy for pelvic pain conditions in women by helping to train both the vaginal muscles and brain to relax during intercourse.

Why magnets make all the difference?

In a Double Blind Placebo Study, participants employing VuVa™ Magnetic Dilators experienced...

  1. A significant reduction in overall pain was reported by 4 out of 5 of the study participants.

  2. An average decrease of 30% in pain levels during a standardized tampon test, which is clinically the to measure pain during intercourse.

  3. The cotton swab test evaluates eleven (11) different locations of the vulvar vestibule for pain. Eighty percent (80%) of the study subjects reported a decrease in the total number of locations after using the VuVa™ magnetic vaginal dilator.

Overall anxiety associated with vaginal penetration was significantly decreased in all subjects.

Subjects reported feeling more confident about their sexual health in the future after completing the study.

How Long Does It Take VuVa Dilators to Work?

Most people can move up in sizes within a couple of weeks depending on the severity of their condition.  

Instructions are included to help guide you through you home therapy dilating sessions.

Taking your VuVa dilators to a pelvic floor physical therapist can speed healing time.

With all Dilator Orders
Receive 20% OFF & 3 Free Bonuses


Now, What Sizes Do I Need...

The smallest dilator, the Size 1, is comparable to a pencil and the Size 2 is comparable to a women's pinky finger.

If you can get a larger tampon applicator in with ease, you may want to start with a Size 3 or 4 dilator if your muscles are very tight, or you have a lot of atrophy pain.

If you are sexually active, you might not need the smaller dilators and starting with the Size 4 or 5 and moving up would be best for your home therapy plan.

As dilator therapy may be a little uncomfortable, you do not want to be in extreme pain when you are dilating.

If you are, then you need to move down one dilator size. On a pain scale of 1-10, you do not want to go over a 3-4 pain level when dilating.

Remember to always use water-based lubricant.

Choose Your VuVa™ Magnetic Bundle


Starter Bundle

Vaginal Magnetic Dilators Sizes 1,2,3,4

  • Starter bundle for severe tightness/pain
  • If you are not sexually active due to "closed up" feeling or tightness
  • If you have penetration anxiety
  • For Severe Vaginismus/Vulvodynia/Atrophy

Was $110 | Now $88

Most Popular Bundle

Vaginal Magentic Dilators Sizes 3,4,5,6

  • Most popular bundle
  • Best fit if you are currently sexually active
  • If you can insert a tampon with ease, start here
  • Great starting point if you are unsure what sizes.
  • For Atrophy/Vulvodynia/Stenosis

Was $125 | Now $100

Full Set Bundle

Vaginal Magnetic Dilators Sizes 1-7

  • Best value if you need all dilator sizes
  • Work you way back up to our largest size after surgery or a traumatic event

Was $178 | Now $142

VuVa™ Smooth Non-Magnetic Dilators

Best Deal

Non-Magnetic Dilators Sizes 2-6

  • Best non-magnetic starter deal
  • If you are not sexually active due to "closed up" feeling or tightness
  • If you have penetration anxiety
  • For Severe Vaginismus/Vulvodynia/Atrophy

Was $60 | Now $48

Most Popular Sizes

Non-Magentic Dilators Sizes 5,6,7

  • Most popular non-magnetic sizes
  • Best fit if you are currently sexually active
  • If you can insert a tampon with ease, start here
  • For Atrophy/Vulvodynia/Stenosis

Was $48 | Now $38

Non Magnetic Unisex

Non-Magnetic Dilators Sizes 2-6

  • Great value if you need mulitple dilator sizes for men and women
  • Gradually work your way up to the ideal size for rectal relief

Was $60 | Now $48

Why Women Love VuVa™

BPA Free. Using non-toxic medical grade materials enhances your success.

Our range of 7 sizes offers women the opportunity to experience gradual progression, personalized comfort, and increased effectiveness.

Our dilators are safe and hygenic for several reasons. Safety is our primary concern.

Easy to Clean and Dust Free.

Medical grade plastic does not attract dust particles or hair like silicone.

My Story - How it all started

My name is Tara Langdale-Schmidt and I'm the inventor of the VuVa Neodymium Vaginal Dilator set.

Prior to inventing the VuVa™ Magnetic and Non-Magnetic Vaginal Dilators, I suffered with Vulvodynia for 4 years. After countless hours of searching for treatments, I found vaginal dilators as a more successful treatment for pelvic pain.

Due to my reduction in pain and positive feedback from doctors, I created VuVa™, a company dedicated to helping women with pelvic pain.

My story has been shared across the globe in many publications such as Glamour Magazine, SELF, BBC, Huffington Post and more.

I choose to have my products made and shipped right from here in my own community of Sarasota, FL to create and secure local jobs, oversee production and ensure quality.

Women's health and safety is my #1 priority.

Not only do I run VuVa™ on a daily basis, I have dedicated my life to helping women who suffer from pelvic conditions that cause painful intercourse.


Still not convinced? Read our Verified Reviews...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will my dilators be shipped in? Is Shipping Discreet?

Your dilators will be shipped in a plain white or brown box depending on your order with a fictitious business name. VuVa will not be on the box anywhere. There will be a secret business name as the return address. For international orders we have to put "pelvic stretchers" on the customs form, it is very small and no one has ever noticed it.

Will I be charged import taxes?

If you get charged an import duty tax from customs, this is something you would be responsible for. If item is refused at customs by purchaser, only product cost will be refunded when we receive package back. No shipping charged will be refunded. This is normal when importing goods to another country.

Will Magnetic Vaginal Dilators help me with my condition?

Here at VuVatech, we never promise our dilators will help everyone because different treatments work differently on people as you are aware of. What we can tell you is that we have helped over 10,000 women and have had no complaints or harmful side effects reported. We encourage you to read our great reviews of customers who have significantly reduced their penetration pain due to VuVa Vaginal Dilators.

Do Magnetic Vaginal Dilators work better than the Non-Magnetic Vaginal Dilators?

In a small double blind placebo clinical trial conducted through Sarasota Memorial Hospital IRB, Magnetic Vaginal Dilators were clinically proven to be more effective than Non-Magnetic dilators. You can read more on our Clinical Trial page.

For a copy of the study, please email

Why do the Magnetic Dilators cost more?

Our VuVa Magnetic Dilators contain Neodymium Magnets that are very costly. A Neodymium Magnet is a widely used type of rare-earth magnet used in medical applications, it is made from an alloy of neodymium, iron and boron to form the Nd2Fe14B tetragonal crystalline structure which is the fundamental base of the magnet. These magnets are positioned by hand in a beneficial patented pattern with the north side facing outward for maximum depth penetration. Our patented Full Set of Magnetic Dilators have over sixty strategically placed Neodymium Magnets.

Can I see the Magnets in the Dilators? Why are dilators so light?

Yes, if you hold a light up to the pink dilators (touch the plastic with light) such as a flashlight or camera phone you can see the magnets. There are over 60 magnets in each Full Set of Magnetic Dilators (five sizes). The grey dilators are harder to see through. If you tap larger dilator on a table top or counter you will hear magnets tap against the plastic. We use an extremely light medical grade plastic and a lightweight sleeve to attach magnets to.

Are VuVa Dilators BPA free?

Yes, they are made with a medical grade BPA free plastic. MSDS sheets available on request.

Can I use coconut oil instead of lubricant with my dilators?

We have many customers that use coconut oil with their dilators.

Are VuVa Vaginal Dilators safe?

We have many customers that use coconut oil with their dilators.

How long will VuVa Neodymium Dilators last?

Neodymium Magnets will keep their strength for over 10 years.

Is there a warranty on VuVa Products?

We have a Lifetime Warranty on our products on Manufacture defects. Please email us at

How do I use my dilators?

Please read our Directions for use. If you have any questions about usage, please consult your physician or pelvic pain specialist.

How do I know what sizes of dilators I need?

We recommended you start out with a size that you can insert with ease to get the feel of magnetic dilator therapy and to help with the fear of penetration if present. We do have single dilators available, but recommend a Combo Set or Full Set so you have the necessary sizes to achieve desired results. We recommend asking your health care professional about the correct sizes you may need if you have any questions.

Which lubricant should I use with my dilators?

VuVa has enclosed a paraben and glycerin free lubricant. You may use any personal water-based lubricant you prefer. DO NOT use Vaseline or any petroleum jelly product.

If you are purchasing our silicone dilators, do not use a Silicone based lubricant.

Is it painful using the dilators as part of my treatment ?

Please consult your physician before dilator treatment. Depending on condition, inserting vaginal dilators can be uncomfortable. You may feel some tightness and/or tingling when inserting a new vaginal dilator. Do not worry because this discomfort should gradually disappear, once the pelvic floor muscles relax.

How much will I need to use my dilator when I reach my desired size?

Everyone is different. You need to be having intercourse or dilating to keep the muscles from atrophying as you get older. If you are having intercourse without pain more frequently, you might not need to dilate as much, or at all. Your body will let you know if you need to continue, and how much you need. Some have more severe atrophy than others, so let your body guide you.
If you have Vaginismus/Vulvodynia nerve pain or tightness, you might have to use it every time before intercourse, but some others may not need to use it at all once the pain subsides. Everyone has different nerve pain pathways and triggers that cause good and bad days. Let your body tell you how much you need to dilate for your maintenance program.

How can I clean my dilators?

For hygiene and safety matters, it is important to clean the dilators after each session. Wash dilators with warm water and mild soap. Let dilators air dry before storage.

What are VuVa™ dilators made of?

VuVa Magnetic and Smooth Dilators are made of FDA approved, medical device grade polycarbonate. They are non-toxic, latex-free and waterproof. They are not silicone. The material needs to be sturdy and thin for magnetic field to pass through with ease for maximum depth penetration into body.

Our Silicone Dilators are made out of Medical Grade 6 Silicone and are latex free.

Where are Vuva™ dilators manufactured?

Our Magnetic Dilators are manufactured in the United States, at a facility in Sarasota, Florida.

Are dilators covered by my medical insurance?

Reimbursement may be available for dilator purchases, please contact your insurance provider. In most cases, they are not. VuVa offers many affordable options to allow customers to start dilator therapy.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do. VuVa offers DHL for international shipments. Please put your address information in on the shipping page to check rates.

Can I return my dilators if I decide not to use them?

30 Day VuVatech Return Policy:

VuVatech offers returns within 30 days of purchase if product safety bag has not been opened.

Please visit our Return Instructions