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VuVa Vaginal Dilators on Netflix's Sex Education Show

Well what a surprise!!! A few months back I received an email from the props department on the Sex Education show on Netflix. They asked if we could send them a vaginal dilator set for their show. I couldn't say yes fast enough! 

VuVa Magnetic Vaginal Dilators on Season 2 Episode 8 of Sex Education 



Sex Education, the good-natured British comedy that premiered on Netflix, follows a shy, insecure teen named Otis (Asa Butterfield) who reluctantly uses the information pressed on him by his sex-therapist mother (Gillian Anderson) to become his high-school’s resident Dr. Ruth. Sex Education’s premise allows the show to portray a wealth of subjects, and its plot line about painful sex discussed the issue in a way I’d never seen before. The plot concerns Otis’s classmate Lily (Tanya Reynolds), who wants to lose her virginity before graduating, but screams in pain and pushes her partner away when they try to have intercourse. “It’s like my vagina has lockjaw,” she says to Otis, embarrassed and confused about why her vagina “betrayed” her. Though Otis isn’t a licensed sex therapist, he diagnoses Lily with vaginismus, a condition that causes the muscles at the opening of the vagina to involuntarily contract, making penetration painful and sometimes impossible. 





We are so happy that Vaginismus and other pelvic pain conditions are being explained on mainstream media!


If you think you have a pelvic pain condition, visit a pelvic pain specialist. Most of the time a normal doctor is not going to be able to help you. There are also pelvic floor physical therapists. Here are links to pelvic pt locators all over the world.

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Vuva dilators sets are used to regenerate vaginal capacity, expand the vaginal walls, add elasticity to the tissues, and to allow for comfortable sexual intercourse. VuVa Magnetic Dilators are smooth lightweight plastic, that come in a variety of graduated sizes. In a clinical trial conducted by Chief Investigator and Pelvic Pain Specialist Dr. Michael Swor in Sarasota, FL, it was shown that VuVa Neodymium Magnetic Dilators reduced pain in 80% of study subjects with no side effects reported.  Neodymium Magnets are within each dilator that increase blood flow and relieve sexual discomfort while soft tissue lengthens, relaxing muscles and ligaments. As the tissue relaxes, the Neodymium magnets increase blood flow to the painful area calming nerves. VuVa™ Dilators are the only patented dilators available with Neodymium magnets.  

VuVa dilators are also available on the StressNoMore site in the UK as well as www.vuvatech.com


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VuVa Dilators on Netflix!

Well what a surprise!!! A few years back we received an email from the props department on the Sex Education show on Netflix. They asked if we could send them a vaginal dilator set for their show. We couldn't say yes fast enough! 

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