• | Tara Langdale

    Vulvodynia Exercises Besides Dilators

      Given that around 1 in 4 women are victims of sexual pain and dysfunction, it’s safe to say that too many women are suffering. Vulvodynia is not an easy condition to deal with, but studies conclude that up to 28% of adult females have it at some point. Vulvodynia pain can adversely affect wellb... View Post
  • | Tara Langdale

    How to Buy Vaginal Dilators in Australia

      Buying vaginal dilators in Australia may be a lot easier than you think. All of our dilators are made here on American soil, but we understand that there is a worldwide need for the highest quality products – especially when it comes to health care of any kind. For this reason we have made our ... View Post
  • | Tara Langdale

    How do Estrogen and Dilators Help with Vaginal Atrophy?

      Vaginal atrophy (also known as vulvovaginal atrophy or atrophic vaginitis) is a condition that commonly occurs during or after menopause, or after chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Symptoms of vaginal atrophy include thinning of the skin (sometimes leading to tearing), lack of lubrication, pain and... View Post
  • | Tara Langdale

    Are You Scared of Vaginal Dilators? 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be…

      Women with pain conditions and other sexual health conditions could find the prospect of using vaginal dilators a little daunting. If you are afraid of penetration of any kind, it’s little wonder that the thought of inserting a foreign object leaves you a little anxious. However, we are here to... View Post
  • | Tara Langdale

    How Much Do Vaginal Dilators Cost?

      We think it’s safe to say that when it comes to health products of any kind, you get what you pay for. Not all vaginal dilators are created equal, so there will of course be variants in price. So how much do vaginal dilators cost, and should you go for a cheap vaginal dilator? Rather than answe... View Post
  • | Caroline Knight

    Are There Any Vitamins For Vulvodynia?

    The pain of vulvodynia is enough for most women to open their minds to a range of different treatments, but one thing is for sure: finding and treating the cause of any condition is always far better than masking symptoms with pain killers. It’s true that diet and nutrition may have a part to pla... View Post
  • | Caroline Knight

    Foods to Avoid with Vulvodynia

    Vulvodynia is a chronic pain condition affecting the vulva area in females. What causes it hasn’t been definitively confirmed, but experts think the causes are among vulvar cells responding abnormally to trauma or infection, genetics, hormonal changes or imbalances, nerve feedback abnormalities, ... View Post
  • | Caroline Knight

    Foods That Help Vulvodynia: The Low-Oxalate Diet

      The word ‘vulvodynia’ translates literally to ‘painful vulva’, and the condition leaves sufferers dealing with a range of unpleasant symptoms such as burning, stinging and irritation in the area of the vaginal opening. Successful treatment varies from woman to woman, and finding the right combi... View Post

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Tara Langdale-Schmidt is no stranger to pain. After all, she endured 11 surgeries for endometriosis starting at a young age. But when sex became impossible for her and her then-fiancé, and doctors were flummoxed, Langdale-Schmidt knew she had to take matters into her own hands. Her mother’s treatment for fibromyalgia sparked an idea when Langdale-Schmidt was finally diagnosed with vulvodynia, a painful condition involving the vulva, and magnetic dilators shaped like a vibrator were the answer to her prayers. Find out how she tested her product and took it to market on this episode of SheVentures.