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Worried About Whether Vulvodynia is Contagious? Will I pass it to someone else?

When you first experience the burning, uncomfortable pain of vulvodynia, your mind is likely to start reeling with questions. Naturally you’ll want to get rid of that pain as soon as possible, and when you don’t know much about this difficult condition, you could be forgiven for wondering about whether vulvodynia is contagious or not.


At Vuvatech we are all about putting your mind at ease, as well as helping you to find solutions for vulvodynia. We don’t stop there though; our expertise extends to many other gynecological problems that women experience every day. So if you are concerned about the possibility of catching vulvodynia, please read on…


Is vulvodynia contagious or not?


In a world where there are so many contagious conditions, it pays to be alert and aware of what you might contract. Having said that, obsessing about these things isn’t very healthy… but when you are experiencing unusual symptoms in your body, it’s sensible to try to understand them.


So, can vulvodynia be passed on? It’s an interesting question, and definitely worth considering. Actually, the answer is no - it can’t. Vulvodynia is not contagious. You can rest assured that you won’t be able to catch vulvodynia from anybody else. Likewise, if you already have vulvodynia, you don’t need to worry about whether you can pass vulvodynia to another woman.


If vulvodynia is not contagious, how do you get it?


Now that you know it’s not possible to contract vulvodynia, you might be wondering how you get it (or got it). There is no straight answer to this one unfortunately, but we can give you some insight into the most probable cause. We can confirm that vulvodynia is thought to be a neurological condition that develops from within – in the brain, to be precise. Although nothing is definitively confirmed to date, researchers think that nerve damage is the most likely cause of vulvodynia.


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However, there is still a lot of speculation on the causes of vulvodynia. It has even been theorized that vulvodynia could be a diabetic neuropathic syndrome. That doesn’t mean that you’ll definitely get vulvodynia if you’re diabetic; nor does it mean you have to be diabetic to develop vulvodynia. It just lends more credibility to the theory that vulvodynia is a neurological problem, since diabetics frequently suffer from those.


Can you get rid of vulvodynia at all?


Finally, you’ll probably be wondering whether vulvodynia pain is going to stick around or not. Rather than try to explain it in a couple of paragraphs, we’ll direct you to our other article on the topic: Can Vulvodynia Pain Go Away on its Own?


If you’ve already been worrying about whether vulvodynia is contagious, we don’t want you to add more weight to your load with major concerns about longevity. Stress and anxiety can worsen the problem, so staying calm and being solutions orientated will help you a lot. With a condition such as vulvodynia it’s important to take one day at a time, and one step at a time. It’s highly likely that there will be a combination of vulvodynia treatments that can bring you good results, so it may be just a matter of finding them. That’s what we’re here for… so do take a look around the site!


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