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Vaginal Dilators: Important facts you need to know

When it comes to vaginal dilators, they have two main purposes - one is they help the vagina get used to having something inside of it, and the other is they help erase the muscle memory that keeps your pelvic floor in a protection mode. Even if the size of your vagina is normal, you need to know that painful sex starts a pain cycle, which can cause a fear of penetration that results in contracting the vagina when trying to have intercourse.

The dilators are a safe option to help eliminate the initial cause of pain, but bear in mind to use the smaller one and then increase up slowly. You want to end up using a dilator close to the penis size of your partner if you are sexually active. The vaginal tissues and the pelvic floor muscles start learning to hold something inside without leading to the surplus pain responses. It is a great way to make your deeper pelvic muscles relax as well, and when you have sex with an actual person, your pelvic muscles will relax as well. 

A vaginal dilator is also a way you can use to gently and gradually stretch tissues that are tighter and not elastic enough - it is often the case when a woman has vaginal dryness and thinning due to hormonal changes (post menopause or chemotherapy). This can arise due to skin conditions or when a vagina tissues have been affected by radiation or surgery as well. The reduction in size of the vaginal opening can always reversible, and an essential advantage of using a dilator is that you will know if you are prepared for intercourse.


10 ways VuVa Magnetic Dilators can help:

When used appropriately, potential benefits of VuVa Magnetic Vaginal Dilator therapy can include:

  • Improved physical comfort with sexual intercourse after pelvic floor surgery with scarring and narrowing and/or shortening of the vagina.
  • Allowing pain free sexual penetration by training pelvic floor muscle relaxation.
  • Reducing pelvic floor muscle tension or spasm with vaginismus
  • Overcoming  fear of vaginal penetration buy using dilators on a regular basis.
  • Prevention of adhesions/fibrosis from forming during and after pelvic radiotherapy
  • Allowing for easier  use of tampons.
  • Facilitating ease of gynecological examination.
  • Creating natural energy to the painful area for nerve pain reduction.
  • Helping with natural lubrication and vaginal dryness by creating blood flow to the area.
  • Relaxing muscles immediately before intercourse to allow easy penetration by your partner.


Vaginismus And Depression: The Real Deal

When you notice the symptoms of vaginal muscle tightening, penetration restrictions, or vaginismus, it may leave you a little bit confused regarding your body. It can make you question yourself why it is so hard for you, and it can maker you worry and feel uncomfortable when people talk about sex around you. 

Doubt - When it is certain that there is something wrong - due to the patterns of being unable to have continued sex, they start doubting themselves. It is not just in the context of their physical health, but it also greatly impacts their overall mental health.

Fear - In the case of vaginismus, fear is multi-pronged, and while it all starts with the fear of intercourse, the other fear also arises for failure. It further leads to the fear of relationships going down the drain and being unable to do anything about the pain - the fear only compounds with time while making the problem even more complex.

Guide - The prospect of not being a "sexually adequate partner" consumes many women when they have vaginismus, especially when it is happening continuously. As a result, women start to take responsibility for everything going wrong in their relationships, and inside their minds, they start thinking that maybe it is due to the lack of sex that is causing relationship issues. 

When sex hurts, you can find a way out. We know that many of our readers benefit from using vaginal dilators, since they can help you to work with physical causes and prepare you for sex when the cause is psychological. Our site has so much information designed to help you, but you should also feel free to contact us if you think we can help with anything.




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