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How to Achieve Pain-Free Sexual Intimacy with PelvicSense by Evelyn Hecht, PT

For women who experience the following:

- pain during intercourse, 
- have a fear of penetration because of past sexual trauma, 
- have restricted vaginal scar tissue from cancer treatments or surgery,
- experience difficulty with penetration during menopause:


Dilators can help regain healthy sexual function and improve intimacy between you and your male partner. A vaginal dilator is a personal tube-shaped device used to stretch the vagina. Vaginal dilators are smooth plastic, rubber, or glass cylinder-shaped objects with various graduated sizes and widths. They range in size from short and narrow, like an index finger, to longer and wider, like a cucumber. More female-led companies are designing dilators with pleasing colors and better ergonomics, so many options exist.

The company, Vuvatech, includes magnets inside one of its products, the Neodymium Magnetic Dilator, which increases blood flow to the vaginal tissues. A double-blind placebo study showed improvements in symptoms after women used this product! vuvatech.com/collections/magnetic-vaginal-dilators

A dilator is inserted into the vagina to help the vulva and pelvic floor muscles get used to receiving touch and feeling comfortable with stretch. These tissues can stretch as a natural part of sexual function and the birth process.  

Using dilators helps desensitize the emotional and perhaps a physical recoil reaction when the area is touched. By gradually increasing the size of the dilator to your partner’s size, you build confidence towards enjoying penetrative sex.

If you are nervous or fearful of anything touching your vagina, consider starting the online pelvic healing home program, PelvicSense, www.pelvicsense.com. Doing this program for 20 minutes three days a week can significantly improve the success of dilator training and gain pain-free intimacy.

PelvicSense teaches why your body experiences pain, how to send more soothing, safe messages to your nervous system and reduces the underlying pelvic muscle tension. The 3-month program includes guided audios with music to calm the hypersensitive nervous system, gentle progressive exercises to encourage your body to move with ease and strategies to regain optimal pelvic function. 

Dilators can seem intimidating, so it helps to become familiar with them before use, perhaps rename them something sexy or healing for a more positive experience.

Before your dilator session, create a soothing environment, whatever that means to you. Use scented candles, listen to relaxing music, perhaps take a warm bath, do some stretches from PelvicSense or meditate before use. Empty your bladder for more comfort. Arrange pillows so you are in a semi-reclined position, your knees bent and lowered comfortably to each side resting on a few more pillows.

To further decrease the expectation of pain or lower feelings of anxiety, repeat a few positive affirmations, such as: 

“I am safe.” 
“I am relaxed.” 
“I am healthy.” 
“My vagina is soft and receptive.”  
“I can insert my dilator with ease.” 

Saying them out loud has the best effect. Follow your statements by doing 5 slow full diaphragmatic breaths to relax the pelvic floor and activate the Parasympathetic “rest/prepare for sex” nervous system. 

Once you feel calm, you can follow the directions on using your dilator from the package, your pelvic physical therapist, or the from the Learn module in PelvicSense. 

Once you reach the dilator size close to your partner’s size, include your partner in the process and have a bit of fun together, possibly using a dilator or even vibrator.

It’s essential for the person with vaginal pain to feel in control and discuss a plan ahead of time. Sensing little tugs or discomfort at the start of penetration may occur and is normal.   

In summary, pain-free intimacy can be achieved with gentle practice of an online pelvic healing home program and dilator training in about 3 months.


PelvicSense is an affordable online pelvic healing home program that significantly reverses chronic pelvic pain and pelvic floor dysfunction in three (3) months. www.pelvicsense.com

Designed by a Master Clinician of pelvic physical therapy and a Certified
biopsychosocial chronic pain rehabilitation practitioner with 25 years of clinical
experience, do the home program while receiving care by your healthcare practitioners.

- Learn about pain neuroscience, and how to heal with evidence-based self-
care techniques to reduce pelvic pain/distress
- Feel safe doing gentle body exercises for the pelvis, achieve a sense of
calm with Evelyn’s guided audios, and learn strategies to return to
optimum pelvic function


This program is for you if you’re ready to:


- Understand why you have pelvic issues.  You want to learn how to do safe,
proven self-care activities to free your pelvic discomfort and/or pelvic pain
- Our easy to comprehend 10-minute reads include information about the
science of breathing, stretching, gratitude, achieving intimacy, use of
dilators, tips for optimum urinary and bowel function + more
- You’ll also receive our eBook, Heal Your Pelvic Pain with Science


- Let go of the stress and anxiety that usually comes with pelvic issues
- Be guided on the positive emotional journey towards health
- Listen to our audio guides with music to relax your mind, calm your nervous
system and retrain your brain 


- Receive guidance from an expert who understands pelvic/hip/back
anatomy and movement, who teaches you a gently paced, step by step
method to safely exercise for optimum results
- 20 progressive videos, over 45 exercises, to soften pelvic floor tension, gain
flexibility, stability, pelvic floor and core strength

Pelvic Health Conditions Treated with PelvicSense


Endometriosis, Vulvodynia, Pudendal Neuralgia, Chronic Pelvic Pain, Interstitial
Cystitis/Bladder Pain Syndrome, Urinary Urgency, Incontinence, Constipation, Abdominal Bloating, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Coccydynia, Rectal Pain, Lower Back, Hip and Sacroiliac Joint Pain


About Evelyn



Evelyn Hecht is the founder of PelvicSense, Master Clinician of Pelvic Physical Therapy, Certified Biopsychosocial Chronic Pain Rehabilitation Practitioner, Curable scientific advisory board member and women’s health researcher. Evelyn has over 25 years of professional experience and has personally treated over 15,000 women.

PelvicSense is Evelyn’s evidence-based brainchild to help you achieve lasting healing from the comfort of your own home. Her online program provides everything you need - education, calming mind exercises, and gentle progressive body exercise videos - to create peace in your
body. You can achieve significant results in just three months using the program just 20 minutes three times a week - which is also designed to be used alongside traditional medical treatment or while working with a PT. PelvicSense can help with endometriosis, IBS, IC, painful sex, lower back pain, sitting pain and urinary urgency/frequency. Please get in touch to find out more



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Tara Langdale Schmidt is the inventor of the VuVa Dilator Company. She has pelvic floor dysfunction herself and wanted to create a dilator set that is made in America that women can trust. VuVatech has been in business since 2014 and has helped over 50,000 women all over the globe. She patented the Neodymium Vaginal Dilator, that is clinically proven to help with blood flow and nerve pain.


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