Dilatadores vaginales magnéticos de neodimio VuVa, tamaños 5,6,7, incluye lubricante de 2 oz

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¿Qué sucede cuando se utiliza un dilatador magnético de neodimio VuVa™? 100% Seguro y sin efectos secundarios adversos.

Los dilatadores magnéticos de neodimio VuVa son una solución terapéutica casera segura y eficaz para la terapia del suelo pélvico. Cuando utiliza un dilatador magnético VuVa, el tejido blando se alarga, relajando músculos y ligamentos. A medida que el tejido se relaja, los imanes de neodimio aumentan el flujo sanguíneo al área dolorosa y calman los nervios. Los dilatadores VuVa™ son los únicos dilatadores patentados disponibles con imanes de neodimio.

Nuestros dilatadores son muy seguros y ayudan con la penetración y el coito dolorosos. Diseñados por Tara Langdale, una mujer con vulvodinia, los dilatadores magnéticos VuVa han ayudado a más de 125.000 mujeres y hombres con la terapia del suelo pélvico. El plástico de grado médico los hace fáciles de limpiar. Instrucciones incluidas así como soporte personalizado por parte del fundador.

Este kit contiene los últimos tres tamaños más grandes que puede necesitar para su terapia con sus opciones de tamaño gradual. Es posible que necesites este kit:

    • Si tienes pareja más grande, exámenes dolorosos o dolor de penetración.
    • Si tienes Vulvodinia, Sexo Doloroso, Dolor Atrofiado
    • Si es sexualmente activo y todavía siente algo de dolor debido a la inserción/tamaño de la pareja.
    • A veces no necesitas la talla 7. El hecho de que tengamos una talla 7 no significa que tengas que llegar a esa talla. Esta talla 7 es si tienes una pareja más grande o necesitas estiramiento adicional.

Lea nuestra página de contraindicaciones del producto antes de realizar la compra.

Artículo n.º 5002LA: SIN BPA

Marca: VuVatech

Número de registro de instalación de fabricación de la FDA: Octex Holdings #3003312230

País: Fabricado en Sarasota, Florida, EE. UU.

Incluye un juego de tres (3) dilatadores magnéticos graduados hechos de plástico libre de BPA de grado médico. Incluye manual de instrucciones y bolsa de viaje.


Sobre nosotros

Los dilatadores vaginales VuVa fueron inventados y patentados por una paciente con dolor pélvico que tuvo relaciones sexuales dolorosas y necesitaba una solución. VuVatech ha ayudado a más de 80.000 personas en todo el mundo que sufren dolores pélvicos. Todos los dilatadores VuVa se fabrican en los EE. UU.

Patente nº 9.687.274

Condiciones que tratan los dilatadores

Nuestros productos pueden ayudar con estas condiciones:

  • vaginismo
  • vulvodinia
  • Atrofia vaginal
  • Vestibulitis vulvar
  • Dispareunia (sexo doloroso)
  • Estenosis vaginal
  • Tratamientos posteriores a la radiación y el cáncer
  • Cirugía de reasignación de género
  • Cirugía MRKH/Agenesia vaginal


Instrucciones completas: cómo usar dilatadores vaginales

Las instrucciones incluidas recomiendan utilizar entrenadores o dilatadores vaginales de 5 a 20 minutos dos veces al día mientras se acuesta en un lugar cómodo. Si no puede usar los dilatadores por tanto tiempo, está bien. Utilice sus dilatadores todo el tiempo que pueda y trabaje según ese cronograma. Nunca debe superar un nivel de dolor de 3 a 4 al dilatar una puntuación de dolor de 10. El tiempo que le toma a un paciente aumentar de tamaño depende de la gravedad de su afección. Los dilatadores vaginales son un tratamiento relativamente seguro siempre que siga las instrucciones incluidas o dadas por su proveedor de atención médica.

Los fisioterapeutas del suelo pélvico pueden ayudarte con tu tratamiento con dilatador vaginal. Tenemos un localizador en la pestaña Recursos de nuestro sitio web.

Política de devoluciones

Por razones de salud, los dilatadores VuVatech no se pueden reabastecer si se ha abierto el sello térmico o la etiqueta de seguridad. Si el sello no está roto, puede regresar. Puede regresar dentro de los 30 días posteriores a la compra. Por favor lea nuestra Política de Devoluciones

Noticia importante

La información contenida en este sitio web no debe sustituir su atención médica programada de rutina y necesaria. Busque un especialista en dolor vulvar o un fisioterapeuta del suelo pélvico para supervisar su programa de terapia en el hogar.


  • Tamaño 5 Longitud 5,75 pulgadas Diámetro 1,125 pulgadas Circunferencia 3,53 pulgadas
  • Tamaño 6 Longitud 6 pulgadas Diámetro 1.375 pulgadas Circunferencia 4.32 pulgadas
  • Tamaño 7 Longitud 6.5 pulgadas Diámetro 1.625 pulgadas Circunferencia 5.09 pulgadas

Customer Reviews

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Paula Belcher

VuVa Neodymium Magnetic Vaginal Dilators Sizes 5,6,7


These have been incredibly helpful to me so far, but not quite in the same way they've helped others who've left reviews. While they do work as advertised in terms of gradually stretching things out and helping me relax and accommodate a large penis, their biggest benefit to me has actually been one of empowerment. For so long I was ashamed of having painful intercourse and thought there was something wrong with me - that I was frigid, or up tight about sex, or just old. When I got the dilators, though, I have learned can fit the smallest size of the large kit very comfortably, and the next size up if I go gently, so I know the issue is not so much that I can't handle normal sex but rather that my husband is bigger than even the largest size! Bringing the kit to appointments and literally putting the various sizes on the doctor's desk has helped me demonstrate to doctors and sex therapists that it's not so much a matter of my being "disordered" (because women all too easily end up being pathologized, especially when it comes to reproduction), but rather that my husband's anatomy is a real challenge for comfortable intercourse. This has been a game changer. I have actually framed it as "maybe I don't need pelvic floor therapy as much as my husband needs penis reduction therapy" and that has made everyone laugh and taken me out of the hot seat as the "woman with the problem". I'm incredibly grateful for this reality check, not only for me but also for my medical providers.

Love this review. You are correct, sometimes men are just too large and that is the issue, not us :)

Thank you for sharing.

I Have Arrived

On the advice of my gynecologist who said I needed to buy a dilator, I found Vuvatech online and ordered the 5, 6, 7. I never had a problem with insertion before but my new boyfriend is very well endowed and it was painful for both of us. I started with number six and graduated to number 7 after about 3 weeks. That was more difficult and it took another 5 weeks to feel very comfortable. I do believe that I have reached my goal and I will be going to see my boyfriend in several days. We have a long distance relationship so I did have the time to concentrate on dilating twice a day as directed. I had a question about burning and emailed Vuvatech. Tara responded in 2 days and answered my question. I was very happy about that. Thanks to Vuvatek I feel I am where I need to be and it does work.

Still a work in progress

I'm 52 yrs old and assume my issue is atrophy. I'm post menopausal which I believe is the cause along with lack of much activity due to a drop in drive that comes with hormone changes. I bought the 3 sizes down from this set just to be safe, not knowing what would be comfortable. They fit fine, no pain, so I purchased this set. The smallest one proved I needed stretching at this point, but within a week with mild pain, it became comfortable. However, in moving up to the second size in the set, I've only been able to get 1/3 of it inserted and after a month, I've made no progress. When I try to move it deeper carefully and slowly, the pain escalates quickly. It feels as it I'm hitting a wall. I've had my normal yearly check-ups, and all is normal. I have some adhesion above the opening which limits the stretch, and my doctor said its all hormone related, and that more activity would help, however we haven't been able to. I'm not giving up, but I fear I won't be able to ever get to the next size. PS: My doctor offered hormone therapy but I've declined due to the risks that come with it.

Hi Melinda. I am glad to hear you have made some progress. If you do not want to use hormone therapy, I recommend Neueve suppositories. There are two parts to reversing atrophy pain and hormones/Neueve are much needed steps as well as pelvic floor pt (dilating). The tissue is very sensitive and that can cause you tense up due to the pain. Please consider Neueve, it has helped many of our customers and it is all natural (no hormones). Have a great day.

This reverse my atrophy

My Atrophy came with menopause and boy was it painful if I tried to have intercourse. I started with the middle one for a few days then moved to the largest. I believe the magnets are what set these apart from others as it increases blood flow to the area. I also added a v- moisturizer from Moon Maid Botanicals and I am finally able to enjoy life again, if you know what I mean. It took roughly a week to get things to the point where it no longer hurt. That was over a year ago and I haven’t had to use them anymore but I’ll keep them just in case. Everyone’s situation is different but these are a life saver. I also moisturize everyday.