HelloGina Is A Self-Powered Program That Includes:

  • 9 units of interactive content and practical exercises
  • A personal coach there for you when you need it
  • Access to a dedicated app to track your mood, set goals and follow your progress


Overcome Your Pain & Discover Yourself Anew

Our interactive content guides you through the pillars that maintain penetrative pain: 1) fear of sex and intimacy, 2) pelvic floor muscle tension and 3) pain management.


You will:

  • Get to know your body better through self-discovery exercises
  • Feel less burdened by the fears and pain related to penetration
  • Gradually improve the possibility of vaginal penetration through step-by-step dilator training
  • Discover new forms of pleasure and practice what you’ve learned with a partner


Developed By Mental And Sexual Health Experts

The program combines cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) elements with dilator training and pelvic floor exercises. HelloGina was adapted from a clinically-validated treatment in Germany. In two randomized controlled trials (RCTs), it effectively reduced penetrative pain and anxiety in vaginismus patients.


The HelloGina DNA:

    1. Uniquely tailored to meet your needs

Everyone experiences penetrative pain differently and for different reasons. HelloGina was designed with this in mind and caters to individual differences and learning styles. Our coaches are there to answer your personal concerns.

    2. On your terms

Penetrative pain is hard to talk about and a difficult journey to start. You can progress at your own pace from the comfort of your home and anonymously. Your coach will support you, only upon your request, and in a text format.

    3. Science-backed and clinically validated

HelloGina is based on clinically-validated techniques and was developed by clinical psychologists and psychotherapists in collaboration with painful sex sufferers. Every decision about the program is made in keeping with the latest research findings.


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