• Size 7 Neodymium Magnetic Vaginal Dilator  Vuvatech
  • Size 7 Neodymium Magnetic Vaginal Dilator  Vuvatech
  • Size 7 Neodymium Magnetic Vaginal Dilator  Vuvatech
  • Size 7 Neodymium Magnetic Vaginal Dilator  Vuvatech

Dilatador vaginal magnético de neodimio tamaño 7

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  • 60.00 USD

¿Qué sucede cuando usas un VuVa ™? ¿Dilatador magnético de neodimio? 100% Seguro y sin efectos secundarios adversos.

Los dilatadores magnéticos de neodimio VuVa son una solución terapéutica casera segura y eficaz para la terapia del suelo pélvico. Cuando utiliza un dilatador magnético VuVa, el tejido blando se alarga, relajando músculos y ligamentos. A medida que el tejido se relaja, los imanes de neodimio aumentan el flujo sanguíneo al área dolorosa y calman los nervios. Los dilatadores VuVa™ son los únicos dilatadores patentados disponibles con imanes de neodimio.

Nuestros dilatadores son muy seguros y ayudan con la penetración y el coito dolorosos. Diseñados por Tara Langdale, una mujer con vulvodinia, los dilatadores magnéticos VuVa han ayudado a más de 125.000 mujeres y hombres con la terapia del suelo pélvico. El plástico de grado médico los hace fáciles de limpiar. Instrucciones incluidas así como soporte personalizado por parte del fundador.

* Lea nuestra página de contraindicaciones del producto.  antes de la compra.

Marca: VuVatech - Plástico de grado médico sin BPA

Número de registro de instalación de fabricación de la FDA: Participaciones Octex #3003312230

País: Fabricado en Sarasota, Florida, EE. UU.

Información del producto: Dilatador magnético de neodimio tamaño 7. El producto incluye instrucciones, bolsa de viaje y muestras de lubricante Slippery Stuff.

Longitud: 6,5 pulgadas

Diámetro: 1.625 pulgadas

Circunferencia: 5,09 pulgadas

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I have been suffering with vaginal atrophy since 2002. My age at that time was 51. Over many years I tried Vagifems, the ring, hormone replacement, Mona Lisa, and Estradiol. Estradiol worked somewhat , but I was never able to allow full penetration due to pain. The hormone patch worked the best, but that involved taking another medication to counteract the estrogen. Plus, I didn't like the fact it was systemic. I did Mona Lisa treatments and that worked for a while, but it was $2100.00 each time and I couldn’t do that every year. Years ago it was hard to find dilators and I could never get one that was large enough to stretch me enough to completely accommodate my extremely patient husband. I talked to my doctor and he switched me to Yuvafems. With renewed vigor, I pursued a dilator company (Vuvatech) that actually gave me thorough measurements so I could increase the stretching methodically. I purchased the #7 and have not looked back! After three weeks of diligent stretching, my husband and I have rejuvenated intimacy “all the way.” The smoothness of the #7 allowed for a stress-free insertion and mellow experience. The magnets were very helpful, too. Thank you Vuvatech! With your product I should be able to be sexually active well into my 80s! Whoo hoo!

Thank you for sharing. Your story will help many others. It means a lot.

This works!

I feel compelled to review this product out of genuine gratitude on the part of me and my husband. Perimenopause has made intercourse increasingly difficult for me in recent years. In spite of consulting with medical specialists, doing my best to self-educate, and trying another much more expensive but ultimately ineffective device, it had been over a year since I'd had pain-free sex. I didn't want to give up intercourse, but I was losing hope.

Finally we got desperate enough to get out a measuring tape, and an internet search helped me find this larger dilator that's closer to the size of my husband. This dilator is well made, with easy instructions. It comes with some samples of Slippery Stuff lubricant, which is also a great product. After a couple of weeks of "practice sessions," I now use this dilator for 10-15 minutes as part of foreplay, and intercourse afterwards feels great again! VuVa has allowed me to renew my sex life. Thank you so much!

Thank you for sharing your story.

Roz Kaufman
I feel like a woman again

I was using dilators I bought in the UK. The largest one was smaller than my husband. I bought this as a leap of faith and quite honestly it has changed my life. I was a bit reticent at first but with time and patience and plenty of lube I have restored my moribund menopausal vagina back into what it was before. I know I will always be using this to ensure that what happened to me will not happen again but you have given me back my sexuality. I cannot thank you enough!

Thank you for sharing. You made our day. This is why we do what we do. Hugs from VuVa.