• Silicone VuVa™ Dilator Size 4
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Silicone VuVa™ Dilator Size 4

Size 4 Silicone Dilator - Medical Grade 6 Silicone 

Shaft Length: 5.5" inches  Circumference: 3.93" inches  Diameter: 1.25" inches 

Brand: VuVa™ - no magnets 

Country: Made in North America 

Directions: How to Use Vaginal Dilators

This silicone dilator comes with sample pouches of Slippery Lubricant, Instructions and Travel Pouch. VuVa™ Silicone dilators have excellent ergonomics. The tip is perfectly sloped to ease entry, the surface is satin smooth and the handle is perfectly contoured for finesse and control. This silicone dilator come with a 1oz Slippery Lubricant, Instructions and Travel Pouch. 

VuVa combined all of the best features with enhanced ergonomics, refined design and an soft flexible 100% medical grade 6 silicone.

Every VuVa™ Silicone Dilator has a unique ergonomic design. It sits amazingly comfortably in your hand, and allows precise control of your dilator. Each dilator is perfectly smooth and gently tapers to a delicately sloped tip for easier insertion. Even the surface texture was specifically developed for the most relaxing and comfortable experience possible.