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VuVa™ Partners 

 VuVa is proud to partner with Slippery Stuff Lubricants. Slippery Stuff Paraben and Glycerin Free Lubricant is included in each dilator set. 


Physician Care Clinical Research is a multi-specialty, independent, dedicated research facility with an emphasis on women’s health care. In 2004, PCCR began conducting Phase II, III and IV pharmaceutical and device clinical trials for major national and international pharmaceutical companies. All clinical trials conducted at our center are conducted in strict accordance with FDA guidelines.

Physician Care Clinical Research performs clinical trials under strict adherence to ICH-GCP, FDA GCP, dedicated to a high level of protocol compliance and responsive to critical communication between sponsor, site, IRB, study personnel, and related trial entities.

Physician Care Clinical Research

1617 South Tuttle Avenue
Suite 2B
Sarasota, Florida 34239

(941) 954 - 2355