VuVatech Affiliate Program VuVatech Affiliate Program

VuVatech Affiliate Program

Let's Work Together. Partner With VuVa®

Are you a Pelvic Pain Specialist or Advocate?

VuVa® has become a highly recognizable brand, and now you can cash in on our success by joining our affiliate program. We’d love to work with you and help more women with pelvic pain.

With every sale you send through your customized link, you will receive a 15% commission. Plus, keep that customer for 30 Days and STILL earn on every product they buy.

Why Join Our VuVa® Affiliate Program?

VuVa® has partnered with Refersion to make joining our program a smooth process! We offer our affiliates existing brand recognition, an outstanding site, and affordable products that are helping women all over the world, as well as an attractive commission and a commitment to provide you with everything you need to succeed in promoting our store.

  • 15% commission on all sales
  • 30 Day Tracking Cookie
  • VuVatech ships out all orders to all over the world!
  • Commission paid on a monthly basis
  • Professionally Managed Program

VuVa® Affiliate Program Info & Policies 

1. You many use any material from any of our social media accounts. 

2. Do not answer any medical questions anyone may ask unless you are licensed to do so. If you are unsure please send questions to 


Becoming a part of VuVa®'s affiliate network is easy. Simply fill out the form to Join today. 

Please email us at with any questions or comments.