VuVa™ Silicone Dilators

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VuVa™ Silicone Vaginal Dilators are made out of Grade 6 Medical Silicone. These dilators are top quality and extremely comfortable silicone.  

Our Dilators are made with 100% platinum cured medical grade silicone using FDA-approved colors and ingredients. VuVa™ Silk Silicone Dilators are safe, phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, and suitable for those with latex allergies. The premium silicone used is non-porous and silky soft to the touch with a luxurious feel. Firm, yet flexible, without being too hard, they warm quickly with body heat and can also be frozen if needed. Do not use silicone-based lubricants with VuVa™ Silk Silicone Dilators. These dilators do not have magnets in them. 

silicone dilators


They are the silkiest and softest dilators out of all silicone dilators available. You will instantly notice the vibe hole in the base of the 4 & 5 VuVa™ Silicone Dilators. You may add your favorite removable vibe. Vibe hole is roughly 11/16" inches and fits most standard vibes. Do not use Silicone-based lubricants with VuVa™ Silicone Dilators. These dilators do not have magnets in them. 

Pros of using Silicone Dilators:

1. Non-intimidating soft material 
2. More flexible 
3. Silicone dilators can quickly adapt to your body heat and feel very natural and comfortable when inserted

Cons of using Silicone Dilators

1. Not available with magnets 
2. Cannot be used for trigger points very easily due to flexibility 
3. Cannot break up scar tissue as easy as plastic dilators
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