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4-Disc DVD Set Healing the Pain 'Down There': A Guide for Females with Persistent Genital & Sexual Pain

  • 29.99 USD

Full 4-Disc DVD Set Healing the Pain 'Down There': A Guide for Females with Persistent Genital & Sexual Pain 

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And the Included Welcome Packet which contains:

  • Example Viewing Schedule. Because the chapters include a lot of information we want to give you an example schedule for taking in the elements of the DVD/Video Guide in increments. Feeling successful in overcoming pain can't happen if you're overwhelmed. Use the viewing schedule as a guide and increase or decrease your pace depending on your comfort level.  
  • Vaginal Health Guide. Guidelines to adhere to for overall vaginal health, but particularly for the condition Vulvar Vestibulodynia. Testing yourself for this condition in particular is included in the DVD content. 
  • Vaginal Canal Map.  This will be explained in the Video. Make more copies for your continued personal use.
  • Example of a Completed Vaginal Canal Map. Also referenced in the Video. Gives you an example of how a completed Vaginal Canal Map might look. 
  • Helping with Constipation.  Learn the different ways that Over The Counter agents and Fiber products assist with minimizing constipation. 
  • Orthopedic Considerations for Sexual Activity.  Sexual position options for you to consider when returning to sex. Provided by Herman & Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute, copyright 2010.