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Dr. Echenberg Recommends VuVa Magnetic Dilators

May 17, 2017

VuVatech is proud to announce it’s partnership with Dr. Echenberg at The Echenberg Institute for Pelvic and Sexual Pain.
After recording reoccurring success of many patients using VuVa Magnetic Dilator Therapy on his patients for over a year, Dr. Echenberg now has named VuVa Magnetic Dilators as the preferred dilators of his practice in PA.
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Dr. Echenberg’s combination of using the most current neuroscience on chronic pain processing, a very personalized bio-psychosocial model approach, and his 40 years of medical experience working in the pelvic region all explain the “difference” experienced by patients in our program compared to any others elsewhere in the world. 
“Vuvatech dilators have become the vaginal dilators of choice for my female patients with pelvic, genital and sexual pain disorders.  Vulvar pain associated with vestibular sensitivity, which is the most common reason for vaginal entrance pain in reproductive age women, is one of the most common disorders associated with sexual dysfunction and other painful genital problems.”
“My increasing experience with patients using Vuva dilators as directed has been very encouraging.  The inflammation and muscle clenching accompanying these disorders is often quite challenging and slow to respond to multiple therapies.  Many of my patients are now being relieved significantly more quickly and effectively when these magnetic dilators are used regularly along with my other treatments.  I would highly recommend all practitioners, including pelvic floor physical therapists, to include Vuvatech dilators for their patient’s self help care.”
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