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What are Pelvic Wands and Can They Improve Pelvic Pain?

 What are Pelvic Wands and Can They Improve Pelvic Pain?

Have you heard about pelvic wands yet? These interesting little devices can help relieve persistent problems in the pelvic area, so if you’re suffering from pelvic pain… well, a pelvic wand might be just what you need! Pelvic wands are ergonomically designed to be similar to an extended finger. They are inserted into the vagina or anus in order to relieve the pain of troublesome myofascial trigger points, and the good news is that studies have proven their efficacy.


The pelvic wand is a very safe and effective pelvic health tool designed by leading pelvic floor physical therapists, and consequently is used by them as standard practice. However, since they are simple to use on your own at home, you can buy a pelvic wand and use it whenever you like for pain relief and muscular relaxation. In short, the wand is used to locate and release your internal myofascial trigger points, and the design makes it easy for you to control the pressure without accidentally hurting yourself.


What are pelvic wands used for?


A pelvic wand (also known as an internal therapeutic trigger point wand) is used for gentle intra-pelvic massage. It can offer you the following benefits:


  • Relief from pelvic muscle tenderness (especially for those with urologic chronic pelvic pain syndrome, or UCPPS)
  • Releasing tight, irritated or sore trigger points in the pelvic floor
  • Improving penetration during sexual intercourse
  • Relief from anorgasmia (inability to achieve orgasm)
  • Alleviation of tightness or constriction in the anus or vagina
  • Discreet home treatment without assistance


Researchers from Stanford University School of Medicine in California did a study on pelvic wand use. They found that even when chronic pelvic pain wasn’t responding to standard therapies, pelvic wands offered a marked improvement. The study monitored 111 patients, of which 95 (87%) noted some degree of reduction in sensitivity after 6 months of using a pelvic wand.


The researchers also determined that using pelvic wands is a safe treatment that can be done at home since there are no significant side effects (apart from the small possibility of transient bleeding for a couple of days). This means that pelvic floor physical therapy patients can mimic their therapist’s actions at home, saving them time and money.



Which pelvic wand is right for you?


There are two different pelvic wands available, but rest assured that both are made from made from high quality, BPA-free acrylic. The type of wand you choose will depend on the location of your pelvic pain problem, but both allow you to control exactly how much pressure you exert.


At VuvaTech we stock the LA-Wand pelvic wand, which is perfect for both rectal and vaginal use. It is a long and thin wand at 9” in length, with a diameter of 5/8″. It is usually the wand of choice for anal use. It has two release ends (one is like a fingertip and the other has ‘bobbles’ of 7/8” in width.


We also stock the V-Wand, which is thicker than the LA-Wand with its 7/8″diameter. It is 8” in length and is generally preferred for vaginal use. This wand also has two release ends – one like a fingertip and the other like an opposable thumb.


Both wands include a carrying pouch and general instructions, but we recommend consulting your healthcare professional for instructions tailored to your particular pelvic problem. It is also recommended that you use your pelvic wand several times each week for maximum benefits. Let us know if we can assist you with anything else – we are here to help!


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