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How Long Does Vulvodynia Last?

When is this going to be over?

Nobody wants pain, but the pain of vulvodynia is another kind of pain entirely. It’s the kind of pain that you can’t really just put up with, so when you have vulvodynia, you’re going to want to know this: how long does vulvodynia last? We would love to put your mind at ease with a simple answer, but unfortunately women tend to have vulvodynia for varying periods of time.


Although vulvodynia is not life threatening, the pain can be quite overwhelming at times and may get in the way of even the most basic activities, like sitting, walking, exercising, inserting tampons and having sex. We know that most women are not prepared to tolerate this kind of pain, and nor should they be… and there are things you can do about this condition. If you need help, keep reading - we are going to try and allay some of your fears in this article.

Seriously, when?

“How long does vulvudynia usually last?” We have been asked this question so many times, but sadly we can’t give a definitive answer. However, as a ballpark figure, we can say that vulvodynia often lasts for around three months. It usually comes on quite suddenly, which can be more than a little scary and bewildering. For some women vulvodynia lasts for a matter of weeks or months, and for others it may go on for years.


It’s actually pretty common for the pain of vulvodynia to be present for several years before women even get a diagnosis. Often they will leave it until the pain is unbearable before seeking help, since the issue is in such a private and sensitive area. Many women will wait it out, wondering whether vulvodynia can go away on its own… which is another burning question we’re often asked!


What can I do if vulvodynia lasts a long time?


When it comes to treating vulvodynia, the simple truth is that there is no one-size-fits all strategy. When they find out what the problem is, most women go straight to Google to ask, “What is the best treatment for vulvodynia?” and we can’t really blame them!


Sometimes a combination of vulvodynia treatments is required before any tangible results appear. If you’ve tried the recommended vulvodynia home remedies and still need further assistance, you may need to contact your Doctor. Your Doctor might prescribe oral, topical or injected medications including:


  • Local anesthetics (e.g. Lidocaine)
  • Estrogen creams
  • Tricyclic antidepressants
  • Serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors
  • Anticonvulsants
  • Nerve blocks
  • Anti-inflammatories (e.g. mast cell stabilizers or steroids)
  • Botox
  • Neurostimulation/spinal infusion pump


Don’t forget that there are also powerful natural medicines like CBD oil at your disposal, and many women have had success with those.


So as you can see, the answer to that tricky question, ‘How long does vulvodynia last?’ is not cut and dried. However, with the right level of self-care and a sensible level of medical care when required, you should find that your vulvodynia flare-ups are less frequent and the condition doesn’t plague you for years. If you’re struggling and need some support, Vuvatech are here to help however we can. We have written a lot on the topic of vulvodynia and our inbox is only a click away. We’re wishing you the quickest recovery time possible!


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